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tr3tr3's blog: "new poems"

created on 11/08/2007  |  http://fubar.com/new-poems/b151798
its fucked up that we've met under these circumstances while the both of us are already involved in romances and i love my girl and i know u love your man so i guess ther's no reason for us to take this chance other than the fact that we both feel this attraction we're trying to figure addition without subtraction meaning that we both want more from each other but we don't wanna risk losing what we have with our lovers we're in a catch 22 fighting off what we feel fighting to seperate this fantasy from real but we're fighting a losing battle a battle we can't win because the fact that we're fighting it means we're now in it's just a matter of time before our hands are forced and we both submit to what we feel is our course and of course we can't deny the way we make each other feel is a feeling that when we feel it feels way too real we've kissed without ever touching one anothers lips and felt things from just a little brush of finger tips i even find myself admiring the motion of your hips when you hear a song and start moving to it and sometimes i catch your eyes fixed on my eyes staring at me real persistent trying to get in my mind and when u smile that smile i know you've read my mind and can tell that your thoughts are exactly as mine u wanna hold me tight as we exchange our tongues thinking that this feels so good how it could it be wrong but it's wrong but we'll continue both knowing we're wrong cause neither one of us has felt this good in so long our passion overriding the guilt we're both feeling intrigued by what could happen the thought alone is appealing would be lying if implied i wasnt at attention find myself trying to fight it same time submitting then suddenly the kissing and touching comes to a pause both thinking if what we're doing has meaning and just cause both knowing if we continue it changes our whole lives u maybe losing your husband me maybe losing my wife now we stand face to face in this akward embrace trying to figure how we both ended up in this place now realizing that this was just infatuation thought more was between us both of us mistaken now both of us decide that we can't be lovers cause neither of us can hurt our significant others so now its time to let go its time to move on its time to face whats waiting for the both of us at our homes _________________________
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