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Finanna's blog: "New life"

created on 04/02/2008  |  http://fubar.com/new-life/b203839
Ok, so for the first time in my life I am single! I have always up to this point had a S/O waiting for me to be single. I don't know how to do this! I'm in a new town and know a whopping 6 people and 4 of those are friends of my sister.I don't know where to go to meet people. I want someone to hang out with and generally have a good time and not necessarily be sexual with. Friends are more important to me at this stage than sex partners. Don't get me wrong would love to have sex right now, but don't want just any one! Sex would be nice but don't want to repeat mistakes in I've made in the past! I hate being single! I really wish I had had someone waiting for me!
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13 years ago
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