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Greetings fubarbarians.....

I wanted to remind eveyrone that our new avatar is not meant to piss anyone off. We do not want to mark photos NSFW. The goal is to clean up the main photos. The guidelines are clear. If your photo was marked in your gallery, please contact a bouncer or myself, and we will review it and remove the NSFW flag.

1. Some photos that are being marked in galleries are ripped photos that other users have chosen to use as an avatar. When that photo is flagged, every copy on the site gets flagged. As I mentioned above, take it to a bouncer for review and we will remove the NSFW flag.

2. If you just signed on and found your Avatar was flagged, take it to a bouncer and ask them to remove the flag and do not use that photo as an avatar.

3. The bouncers have been very clearly informed to be very cool and patient about working with and communicating with users who need to change their avatar. If you receive a chat message or email from a bouncer, please be cool and work with them.

4. If you feel you want to vent or take your frustrations out on someone. Please email me any concern you have, and I will review it personally. We want to make this process as painless as possible.

I will say it one more time! If your photo was marked, take it to a bouncer and ask them review it and it will be unmarked if it was wrongly flagged.


Please tell your friends to read this blog. Email me if you have any questions.





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