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H0n3yb33 n W0nd3rland's blog: "Talk nerdy to me!"

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Nerd files

Hello my fellow nerds x___x


I honestly Hate talking about myself.It's not that I don't like people knowing who I am it's just that I'm tired of talking about melissa.My whole life I have had to explain myself and my actions constantly.I hate repeating myself so writing this blog really takes some effort on my part.I'm not even sure that any of you are going to read this.I just felt like writting tonight and thoght Id take some time to tell you a little about who I am.So here it goes the good the bad and the ugly..your access into the nerd files.


I'm not trying to write a biography here.I just want to write a few things down about who I am in real life and on fubar.Beause I think the two are very diffeerent things.Not that I act differently on purpose but I think everyone does act slightly different when they are online than in person.


I'm a very funny person.That's one thing you need to know about me.I'm very sarcastic.I got most likely to become a comedian in highschool.I have always been in drama/plays and being the class clown.Sometimes I might say the wrong thing at the wrong time,what can I say? I'm a goof ball.I love to make people laugh, I love to make myself laugh.I find humor in  just about anything and everything and just after talking to me for an hour, I'm sure I would have made you laugh so many times you might pee your pants.

I'm not vain or stuck up.I do not think I'm better than anyone.I will be the first to admit  that I am not perfect,not even close.I honestly put others before myself.That happens to be one of my flaws..so horrible huh?..lol I'm also a very honest person.I can't tell a lie very good at all..however I have lied plenty of times in my life I just try not too unless It's for a good reason.I can't stand being lied too..there for I wont lie to you.I try to follow the motto, " treat others as you would want to be treated".

I believe in God and science.Space is my play ground.I will stick up for space from now until the end of time.space is important end of story.

I value life (most humans are stupid) ...From the time I was a kid I lost many people dear to me

It made me to appreciate life,I lost my parents and my cousin I lost my father.You should never go to bed still being mad at someone you love.

I try to see the best in people.Sometimes people are so full of hate there is no good left inside of them.

I think for the most part people are ignorant/full of hate/judgemental/naive..the list goes on forever

There are still great people in the world..tons of them I just dont happen to meet many of them often.

some people say that they are different online..maybe even a better person.Honestly the whole melissa does so show itself online.For me..its kind of the opposite.I act more like myself in person than online.I hate typing ..so i tend to be short and sweet.

I have a disease called lupus,you cant catch it so don't worry.Its gentic and involves my immune system attacking my own body.To put this blunt,I could live a long life or I could die in 10 years.So me that pretty much sums of who I am as a person.Life is too short to sweat the small things.Love those around you and take in as much as you can.Stop and smell the roses every once in while.People on fubar spend so much of there time bickering about I don't like you this and you are a whore that.We need to get beyond this as humans.We are so small minded.We think that space does not matter,the ocean does not matter the only thing that matters is money and greed and talking about eachother and spreading hate.Hear no lupus,see no lupus,speak no lupus.Just Because I don't look sick does not mean I'm not sick.You can't see lupus all the time.Even though I may be only writting a small part about my lupus, it's no doubt is a major part of my life!


I think I may go ahead and end of that note tonight..ill keep writting tomorrow night it will be called nerd files part 2!


peace out and nerd love


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