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39 Year Old · From Acworth, GA · Joined on August 18, 2006 · Born on March 1st
39 Year Old · From Acworth, GA · Joined on August 18, 2006 · Born on March 1st

I am a 23 year old Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, out of the Army now and getting on with my life. Would like to do something along the lines of computer development, C++, or computer design or building..dunno yet. Taking it easy drinking a smoothie and working out everyday. I've chosen concentration rather than conformity, imagination in place of mainstream social acceptance. Let's see..being nice gets you no where; seems girls like the asshole, sucks for me. I am nice, blunt, straightforward, don't beat around the bush, honest, and I tell it how it is. I got a good sense of humour. I can get along with pretty much anyone which leans towards me being an open minded, warm and friendly person. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I dislike people who treat women like shit, rapists, slow drivers, people who try to dress/act like someone else (aka white boys trying to dress like they are black..ugh get a clue), two faced and backstabbing people, crying/screaming ass kids in restaurants and movies..and the parents who cannot discipline them, and well pretty much people/things along those lines. I got a few really good friends whom I hold near and dear that understand me and we get along well. Anything not covered here feel free to ask me, I will answer the question for you. I love my Xm radio..and listen to techno and opie and anthony like all day long. Contact me on AIM at: Qnz The Benny If you don't know what WOW is don't be shy..ask me!

What I look for in a woman:
I want a girl who is easy to get along with, wants to spend time together, rather it be going out doing stuff, chilling at home cuddling in bed rewatching movies we seen 100s of times, or sitting there listening to music, chilling etc. I'm a people person, I'm friendly, outgoing and out there in your face. I love some1 I can have a good conversation with, debate and argue over something...gotta have a woman who's smart and not dull to be around..thats what I want... exceptions can be made =) So now I am wanting to talk to people who share the same interests as me and can carry a good convo.

39 Year Old · From Acworth, GA · Joined on August 18, 2006 · Born on March 1st
Computers, Exercise, Smoothies, Painting, girls , driving around randomly when I am bored, video games, reading, painting pewter,laughing and having a good time,comedy, Jim Norton, Bill Burr, tempurpedic bed, pugs,MMORPG, always open for new interests just gotta find stuff that is appealing.
Techno(most kinds),ferry corsten, olav basoki, system F, benassi brothers,larissa, Mynt, deep dish, basement jaxx, jose nunez, tiesto, k5, meck, lee cabrera, 311, jack johnson, coldplay, bush, Korn, Alizee, King Brain, Red hot chili peppers, beastie boys, collective soul, nirvana, metallic (garage inc.), incubus, mindless self indulgence, Beck, Cake, Darude, Eazy E, Jurassic five, Silverchair, Staind, dave matthews band,DISCo: kool and the gang, donna summers, kc and the sunshine band, the gap band, and of course techno. (XM Radio channel 81 !) also- > I listen to Opie and Anthony everyday.
Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol1 &;2, Scarface, Igby Goes Down, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Requiem For A Dream, Troy, The Last Samurai, Blazing Saddles, 21 grams, Full Metal Jacket, Clockwork Orange, Fear and Loathing in LAs Vegas, Raging Bull, American History X, Fight Club, 25th Hour, Office Space, The usual Suspects, American Pie 1,2 ,wedding , Matchstick Men, American Beauty, Half Baked, Old School, Rain Man, Trigun, Lord of The Rings 1-2-3, Underground Comedy Movie, Fahrenheait 9/11, South Park the movie, Scary Movie, Enemy at the Gates, Road Trip, Euro Trip, Princess Mononoke, Matrix Revolutions, Hackers, Bad Santa, The Stand, Wild Things, Tomcats, King Arthur, Red Vs. Blue 1-2-3, Gods and generals, Bad boys 1-2, Cast away, A beautiful Mind, Braveheart, Boondock Saints, Top Gun, Waiting, Clerk 2
My grandpa because he speaks his mind and does what he wants and has a plan with his life and followed it.
Video Games
Yep I am a geek get over it =D.

love to play MMORPGs and FPS shooters..namely EVE, EQ, Vanguard and CS: source and halo2 atm.

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