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31 Year Old · Female · From Mt Ayr, IA · Invited by: SmOkEy LoC · Joined on October 15, 2008 · Relationship status: Engaged · Born on August 29th · 24 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 3 different people have a crush on me!

First Off you will not use my profile for any surveys, research or other official Uses. As of 4/3/2015 you shall remove any and all information you have on me. You will also NEVER use my information for anything EVER AGAIN. My information is not to be used as a tool or anything other then on my profile for myself.


Aiming for $500 dollar order. If anyone wants to help me out.


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That is my astrological sign. I was born August 29th 1983. I have 3 siblings. I was born and raised in Austin Texas.. Big Hello To those austinites and texas on here. If there is any thing else you want to know about me just ask..but not on the comments section as I don't discuss private matters on my comments section. I also don't discuss anything I consider too private. You will not know my name until you earn that priviledge. You also can call me Valentina or tina or Night Shadow.


Here are the values that I think are most important for this game and for life:

1) Honesty... If you are not honest then you are leading people on. I do not like to be led on and I will not intentionally lead people on.

2) Truthfulness.. If you are lying to me and not being honest I will not be happy. If i have to find from another friend that you are lying to me I will block you.

3) Respect.. If you have respect for me, respect will be returned. This means if I ask you a question answer me truthfully and honestly. If you ask me a question You will get my open mind and my open heart which are two things i give if you respect me. Once you cross the line to disrespect me you will be warned 1 time. If this continues you will be blocked with out question and or apology.

4) Privacy... If you are not willing to respect my privacy I will block you from viewing my page. You should respect my privacy well enough to realize that what I tell you if I do indeed open up to you that you do not go and repeat what i have told you. This goes back to respecting me.

5) Helpfulness... I am here to make friends and help people out. I can not afford to be handing out bling or any other items that deal with money. I have a family to support with my disability. Be mindful and respectful of this and you will not get blocked. Ask me 1 time if I can help you out, and I will try my best to get you the help if i can not help you out.

6) Trust or trustworthiness.. If you are not worth trusting I will gladly block you. I do not need the drama in my life and I do not trust very easily.


NOW on to other topics


Friends are those who I can trust and who have the qualities I am looking for in them. They will help each other and other people out. They love to be helpful, honest and open to new ideas. They willingly try to help me out with my issues as well as I help them out with theirs. Apply if you are willing to do this.

Family is the friends I adopt into my family on my choosing. To get into this group you SHOULD AND WILL be my friend first and prove yourselves to me. I have been burned on here before I left fubar for a while. I also have been burned b/c I have helped out other people who were not willing to help me out. Those people get left in the dust. Pardon the expression, I am just not willing to let them be in my family if they do not help out. Those in my family at the moment are wonderful loving people who I could not ask anymore of. They have proven themselves and shown that they can communicate with me on a daily basis or help out other people who need it on a daily basis. Hugs to those people. Also the other way you get into my family is if you become a great really really close friend to me. I don't trust or allow people to be close friends with me very well. Hence it takes a few months to a few years to become a close friend.


Now understanding this, would you still like to be my friend or do you want to walk away. Only those who are brave enough to get into a friendship with me will ever truely know me. (maybe this is common sense) Those who want to be my friends SHOULD write in the friends request what makes them want to be my friend in the first place. You can say hi I amjust looking for new friends or even put a smiley face. But the friends request should not be blank.. From 4/03/2015 I will not be accepting friends requests that are blank.


My SB is open to everyone and will continue to be open. However I will take the priviledge to talk to me away if 1 of 4 conditions are met. These are as follow : 1) You offend me 2) you ask for skype, or any other messenger 3) you push yourself on me and finally 4) You disrespect my sb


Okay so finally you'll notice that I have friends and family on here who range from yellow people to the green people.. If you take a moment you can realize that many of the yellow people are very brilliant and very wonderful people. They can teach you many things and will help out if you sincerly ask them to do so. Some other people will also understand and help you out as well, just they aren't yellow yet. They all deserve in 1 form or fashion to be respected and honored. This is why I am going to start doing a people of the week. My first people will be chosen next Monday. So help each other out and respect each other. Hugs to my many friends.

Speaking of friends and family..
This is my fufiance. We have been together since 4/20/2010. He belongs to me and I to him. So get to know him and his friend. He is great in his own way.

If you want to contact me for Mary Kay check out my website or even follow me on twitter @SusisWorkshop12

31 Year Old · Female · From Mt Ayr, IA · Invited by: SmOkEy LoC · Joined on October 15, 2008 · Relationship status: Engaged · Born on August 29th · 24 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 3 different people have a crush on me!
Getting past this level. Helping people out that help me out. Being friends with people who can help each other out. If you are not going to help me out or even bother giving me a like for the day, you should turn back for you are not the type of friend that I need.
Music: Country, LFO, Hymns. You don't need to know more then that
I don't need to tell you this as you should get to know me to understand what I like and be my friend. As we walk thru life as friends you will get to know what I like and what I want. If you don't want to know me you can leave my page
IDOLS?? You shall not put any IDOLS before me. Or at least something to that effect is what god states in the bible. You should get to know me before judging me!
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