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31 Year Old · Female · From Mt Ayr, IA · Invited by: SmOkEy LoC · Joined on October 15, 2008 · Relationship status: Engaged · Born on August 29th · 24 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 3 different people have a crush on me!

First of all.. I am going to tell you 3 rules that I want followed if you come to my page and are not already my friend. I am also going to tell you the two things that will get you blocked from my page. So Here we go. A) All friends request must have 1 thing in them. It can be a smiley face or symbol. However I would really like to know why you chose me to be your friend unless I have friended and visited your page. B) I will not accept friends request unless there is a reason your sending me your friends request. C) Friends Request will be going thru a simple procedure from me. If you have filled out the FR and I see a salute and I see your a real person you will then become my friend. If you are not one of the three come back when you are and when its verifiable.

I told you that I would tell you what will get you blocked automatically. Well there are 5 things that will get you blocked automatically. This is my way of cutting down the bullshit that goes on and making sure that I don't get as much bullshit on my page anymore. So here it goes.A) if you rate me a 1 and then turn around and not notify me of the reason why. I will automatically block you and assume that you are not with my time and energy to worry my pretty little head over. I will also assume that you are a bigheaded jerk who judges the book by its cover. B) You will get blocked if you try to have cybersex or roleplay with me. I am not here to look for guys. I am here to make friends, and continue friendships. Do not judge me for this because you brought it on yourself. You see my number 1 family member is my fiance, and I have more respect for him then anyone else. C) commenting on my mumm in a negative way will get you blocked by me because I do not need all the drama.D) Asking for my number or any other form of chatting ability will get automatically blocked. I do not choose to have any other form of chat. And You are not important enough to have my phone number if I have not chosen to give it to you. E) Rude comments about my looks will get you blocked. I do not want to hear that you think you are better then me just because you have fake tits or a flat stomach or some other kind of thing. I am 5 ft 1 of 5 ft 2. I have a brain tumor which makes me look like I am pregnant. I also have other "disabilities" and they all affect my looks. IF you don't like it then you can leave. I have plenty of other friends that I can talk to with out your issues.

If I think of other reasons that I may block someone, I will put it here so that you know I am not messing about. Also do not ask for my name. Those of you who are lucky enough to know my name know it because you are very important to me. If you are not important to me then you should probably try to get to know me a lot better and actually have real honest to goodness conversations with me.

I have read another persons profile today, and they are right about what they said about their family. I also have had input on what the family group on here should be like. So in a little while.. probably tomorrow I will be changing my family around. And they will be "recycled". If you wish to be in my family make sure that you have helped me in some way, also make sure that you help other people and respond to things like me asking you to comment on mums or blasts. This is important because it shows that you are actually showing love and helping people out. If you get replaced do not come crying to me.. instead what you should be doing is trying to help other people out and showing me you deserve back in my family group. Show fu and fu will be returned to you. Also Salutes and banners will be made on a deal basis. If you need help, and need a banner I will do so and you can help me out with credits,and or salutes. I welcome pictures on my page, and have HTML open to my comments. But realize I do not want porography or the like on my page. I will not make you NSFW salutes and I do not have a NSFW folder at this point. I may sometime in the future but that is way way way out there and not even on the horizon. If you ask for one NSFW salute you will be blocked as well.

31 Year Old · Female · From Mt Ayr, IA · Invited by: SmOkEy LoC · Joined on October 15, 2008 · Relationship status: Engaged · Born on August 29th · 24 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 3 different people have a crush on me!
Church Choir Lambs(helping with daycare/after school care). I am busy on wednesdays and sundays. The kids have a break so for now til the end when school starts up again I will be here.

This person needs to make nightrider for tonight..

And I am trying to get 2500 likes today.

LFO was the best music of the 90's.....had a major crush on the blond guy and the brunette with spikey hair

Country music is awesome.....

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I love all the 101 Dalmations,102 Dalmations movies. I also love some of the paranormal movies.
You should have no Idols before me...... -God I honestly try to follow that advice because that way I can stay straight with the lord and with myself. I have people that I adore for the skills and talents that have shown the world and myself. My War Doctor is one of them. He can do a very good job on computers and things of that nature. You can check him out at this link http://fubar.com/3435299 My friend Veronaka has helped me out with many things in the last couple of months. She knows quite a bit and can point out things that are different from what I think and give me extra answers. She is here on fubar. Check her out here http://fubar.com/104800071 . Also this person deserves a ton of love. He is a cool and wonderful guy. You should totally check him out. His name is Gregg. He just gave me my first famplifire, and totally helped me level when I never thought I would get past it. Here is his link http://fubar.com/7502763 Please show all my family a ton of love. Mel is wonderful. Her personality is sweet and awesome. She is from a place I would like to go see one day. She listens and helps out where she can. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. Her link is http://fubar.com/10425518 .
Video Games

I like the wwe games, i also like block breaker, and some others.

Let's Play Happy Slots!! And Add me Please!!

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  • 2500LikesValent... Wow.. I am ashamed of fubar.. seriously those people who want to be all rude and say stuff like this red name just said put fubar in shame. I am proud of those of you who have helped this friend level today tonight. !!!!
    • tankiceman have a good weekend and stay warm and be well hugs
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