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The stars shone brightly, almost blindingly, as the cruiser cut through that sector of space silently and menacingly. This sector was off limits to most but only those that were either foolhardy or brave dared to navigate this part of space due to the fact it was a gauntlet of eddy's and planetary fragments. But in this case, the pilot was a seasoned veteran and could out fly most other pilots with his hands behind his back and with his eyes closed. This pilot came from a family of pilots and he was the 4th generation to become one. Growing up, his dad taught him how to fly like his father before him did. In the beginning he was able to grasp the basics extremely quickly to the surprise of his father and moved on to the more difficult teachings in a short period of time. This is what the boy enjoyed the most. He found the basics to be boring and somewhat dull but he muddled through them to get them over that much quicker. As he learned each advanced skill, he thought to himself this is what being a pilot is all about. He soon got to the point of being better than his dad and his dad realized this. It was time for the young boy to learn the finer points of combat tactics and maneuvers.
Adolph Hitler. The name is enough to make anyone shudder in fear at the mere mention of it. To the Naziís and the Germans he was a king, a martyr and to the Jews he was a tyrant and a pariah. He was everything right and wrong about Germany of the era and time he lived in. He did his best and utmost to reign in the country and make Germany respectable and respected. But often more times than not, even the best laid plans go awry and Hitler got carried away with his insane ideals and philosophies in the process. During the 1920ís and early 1930ís, Germany was trying its best to recover and restore balance after the role it played in World War I. Politically, Germany had no real government to speak of at the time. The radical left wing and right wing parties of the time were making pushes to gain control of Germany from the electorate.
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