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BOOG's blog: "My WEBSITE"

created on 04/25/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-website/b210247


come and sign up at www.adultd8finder.com and IM, video chat, 3d chat, games, friends invite with yahoo mail button, vote for who is hot or not, video gallery, e-mail, blogs, you can place classified ads, schedule events, add forums, send winks, send customized postcards, have your own photos gallery photo, music, you can even form groups or clubs, etc., and there is 3D city that you can walk around in and chat(IM) like you are in a real bar, when you walk up to a person you can see a bubble pop up with there picture, age, name, and where they are from. there are two bars as of right now, there will be more eventually, one is a disco bar and the other is a city bar kinda like a downtown bar very nice, both of them. it will take a few minutes to download the 3D city, but after that, it shouldn't be too bad, and if you have trouble with it, just close it out and and start over. it should work fine. Thanks so much. I know that you will love it. It is cool. Not as cool as Fubar but please give it a chance Please and help a fufriend out. Thanks again.
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