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Ok so I am thinking that I just have relationships on my mind pretty badly tonight so I am going to write this blog and hopefully clear all realted thought away for now. I decided that I am going to give some tips on what I enjoy and what will make me weak in the knees and make me want to come back for more over and over again . . . Which I am sure some other gals will agree with and others will think I am insane, lol. But I am honest and that is what matters. 1. A man who will be honest with me even if it means my feelings will be hurt for a little while. I want to know that he values honesty and recognizes that despite the initial pain the truth is always better. 2. A man who wants to be with me, not one who says he does, one that actually does. I want a man who puts effort into being with me. I want to know that I am the one he wants, even if it is just a quick email during the day, or a text to say hello, or a voicemail so I can listen to his voice. It’s those small things that I want. 3. A man who appreciates my sexual nature without exploiting it. 4. A man who knows how to please me in the bedroom and realizes that sometimes if he gives and doesn’t get he will be treated later. A man who takes his time to please me before himself. A man who will shove his hand down my pants and get me off in the morning before he leaves and doesn’t expect anything in return. 5. A man who knows exactly how to make me melt in the bedroom. A man who knows that my favorite thing for him to do it to get me off with his hands. Am man who knows that I would rather give him a blow job than anything else but don’t want to be begged for one. A man who will pull my hair and smack my ass and put me in my place if need be. 6. A man who can make me melt outside the bedroom. A man who tells me I am beautiful and means it. A man who tells me how good I look in that horrible outfit. A man who thinks I still look good a 4 am with no makeup and hair half pulled up in a pony tail. 7. A man who can communicate his wants, needs, and desires clearly. A man who can tell me exactly what to do to make him happy. A man who can tell me why he is angry. 8. A man who can balance the exact amount of jealousy with the exact amount of control. I want to know that he cares enough to fight for me if he needs to but don’t want him to start fights. There is more to I than this of course, but this is a short list that I can always add to later. Besides ya never know who will read it and figure something out.
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