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I still dont get it, guess I never will. I still have no intentions on reloading my page. I did stop by the fool's page last night to see what wonderful greeting he had that shouldnt be allowed this time (guess he's an exception to the no offensive stuff rule) and was very happy to see that his being bothered by people who were on my side was showing and thats just awesome! I also read a very interesting bulletin last night about a white girl being attacked by a black girl and how she was blocked when she went to fight back. I think if people dont want to receive that negative attention on their beliefs shouldnt be broadcasting it anyways. Besides that, when you have those beliefs there wont be many who agree with you anyways regardless of where you come from! Everyone has the right to be proud of who they are and to have the "marry into your own" belief, I however dont! I encourage racial mixing, look at my kids and I! Oh wait....you's cant lol Well I shouldnt say encourage it but definetly to keep an open mind to it because you just never know.... Im still waiting for someone to come with me with an issue on my previous blogs regarding this but no one really has. Thats probably a good thing though cause they better be bringing real truthful and undebatable facts with them when they do. Ok its time for me to go fill my face and find something more productive to do.
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