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So today I got to thinking about what I want to do before I die...as usual my imagination took me to some psychotic places and perhaps some of these I may even be able to do...who knows! 1. As Hunter S Thompson is one of my idols I would love to try and pull off a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas type of journey. Obviously it would be a little different because the chances of getting my hands on mescaline are very slim however Im sure I could find what was needed in Sin City! 2. I want to go to Disney World eat as much food as I can handle, then immediately get on the spinning Teacup ride and see how many people I puke on before I get someone from Maine 3. I want to one day show up at a random funeral dressed as the Grim Reaper. 4. (This is a posthumous wish!) I want to have a dunk tank at my funeral where all the people who want to get up and "Relive" some memories have to sit. Everytime someone says "He was such a kind person" they get fucking dunked! Of course this could also go another way that being...Stuff me in the dunk tank and let people take turns trying to dunk my body. Shit for all intents and purposes I may have just created a new drinking game!! 5. This is another posthumous wish...I want elephant rides at my funeral to keep the kids busy. Last thing I want is some little bastard poking me all day. Now, I also want a rigging set up so that if a kid starts poking me someone can press a button and Ill poke that little fucker right back!!!!!! In fact that goes for Everyone. 6. This is my last wish...when I die I want to die a really bizarre death. I dont mean like auto erotic asphyxiation I mean like Toilet falls out of the sky and hits me in the head bizarre. And I want it to happen at a big event...like my second wedding (should I ever re-marry) or better yet when Im out in public around a whole bunch of people. See how many people that traumatizes...at least my death should be good for something! Ok well thats it. My twisted bucket list. The only one that has a chance of coming true is...well none of them...but thats ok because as long as there is breath in my lungs there is hope!!!
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