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A i n g e a L's blog: "My Thoughts"

created on 05/27/2017  |  http://fubar.com/my-thoughts/b369594

I'm writing this to get things off my chest because I need to get it out.. its not meant to hurt anyone in any shape or form.. but it is about someone on this site. I am not going to say any names but this needs to be said.

I came on this site to make friends and some friends I get closer then others I am very thankful for those friendship that I call my sister or my Wifey or even a guy I can all my best friend or baby which ever. 

I take my relationships seriously and I wouldn't hurt anyone in anyway shape or form. I am a chill person.. down to earth.. I was raised to say Yes Mama or no Mama ( if i spelled that wrong you get what I am saying ) People don't like me because they are either jealous or I don't take shit from no one. I am a honest person there is no reason to lie about anything. And frankly I don't care if you agree or disagree this is for me to get things off my chest. 

In the years I have been on this site some of people have some serious mental issues from Narcissit or someone that lies about everything. But just recently I've have been dealing with someone that couldn't stand for me to be happy I am guessing. Jealousy maybe or they just want the attention on them all the time maybe they need to grow the hell up, maybe they have a mind of a child. I'm not a therapist so I can't tell you what is going on with them all I know is how I've been treated trying to be a friend to them.  I have found out from a few other women thats tried to be friends with this person that this person has done them the same way so I'm not imagining these things being done. I honestly think this person needs to seek mental help or try to figure out why they feel like they need to be the center of attention all the time, look into themselves and try to fix whatever is wrong with them, cause what you are doing to people that are close to you is wrong, and is mentally stressful. I finally took a stand and said NO MORE! I can't be your friend no more, I can't deal with your issues no more. You mentally screwed with my head and lied to me, because if you truly love someone you wouldn't hurt someone on pourpose. I think you enjoyed the pain you put people through. Sad thing is, I let you hurt me several times till I said enough is enough. You play the victim so well and tell others that the other person did this and that when the whole time it was really you. Hell I know I got issues but I don't hurt people to get joy out of it. It really makes me sick to think you would do something like this to me or to another female friend.

So, in the past year or so.. when I was fu married to you.. I fu divorced you because I had 3 other men coming to me because you was telling each one of them you loved them... so to end the drama of this I ended it then. I got tired of the childish bullshit if you want to hurt others by lying and telling them such things then thats on you. But, using the word "LOVE" isn't something you should say lightly its got meaning and isn't something you can throw around. ( this is my opinion of course )


I try to be friends with you once again.. thinking maybe you've changed maybe grown up a bit.. well every time a guy started flirting with me or you seen we was close, you would run and add them as a friend .. fan them and add them to your family and I know this cause 4 of the guys told me you did.  You woud flirt with them and leave them cute little comments so I can see them to try to hurt me for whatever reason. I guess you get enjoyment out of hurting others I don't know. Finally I just got tired of trying to find someone I can talk to and get close to, cause I myself am dealing with a lot of personal issues and its nice to have someone I can talk to.. and yes I mean the opposite sex, and sex doesn't have anything to do with it. I don't care for sex at my age I don't care. I need companionship since my marriage is not happy.. But, I am not going anywhere it is what it is. But anyway... what broke the camel's back is the other night we had a conversation and you asked me what was bothering me and I told you I was upset because I felt like I was never going to be happy.. and oh god, your response just wowed me after everything you've done to me in the past few months.. You told me not to give up and it'll happen. I wanted to tell you so bad what was going on through my mind at that moment. I wanted to tell you, well if you would stop chasing every man that talks to me then I would find some happiness in my life. But, I kept my mouth shut didn't say anything else.  Then an old friend came into the lounge and was flirting with me, what did you do??? You sent him a friend request and omg i couldn't take it no more. Yes I went off on you and you deserved every damn word of it, then even more childish bullshit instead of handling like an adult.. you screen shot it and send it to every guy that listen's to your lies .. and more drama happens. Its all childish games and maybe one day you will grow up.. finally I don't have to sit and watch you talk about your ass or boobs.  Try being an adult for once and talk about something that has NOTHING to do with sex. You aren't that pretty, and your personality isn't pretty either. Ugly inside and out and I am DONE with your issues! Maybe one day someone will do the same thing you've done to me or other women.. and then you will see how it truly feels.  You are a sad human being and karma will come after you sooner or later.. you can't keep hurting people the way you do and get by with it.  

End of that Wifey chapter!

~The End!~

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