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Unique Dream's blog: "My Poetry"

created on 07/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/my-poetry/b99145
With thoughts of you I start my day, before i dress even before i pray. I think of you, you're on my mind, my thought right now: "SHE'S ONE OF A KIND!" Your eyes... your smile... your loving face, thoughts like these?..A warm embrace. You fill my heart, you caress my soul... YOU are the half that makes ME whole. To hear your laugh or to feel your touch, Such small things would mean so much. Because you see... I'd gladly give a day for each minute spent w/you, always standing by your side Bcuz my love is true. And so it is as your man I give you my life, and make it my plan... to make you my wife. For not only my Love, you are also my Best friend, So when comes my last breath, I want U at the end. But wait! What's this?!?!? A new though now is in my head, as i lay here in my bed. I ask a question, I whisper your name... Please tell me _______, "Do you feel the same?" Now my thoughts...they turn to worry! I wonder why my vision is blurry! My heart it sinks, my head it spins... could this be over before ever it begins? At once so sure yet consumed by fear! Wanting to ask for more, but afraid to dare. I rub my eyes, I feel the tears... I take a breath and my vision clears. A smile spreads... Wide And True :D I Just remembered... YOU LOVE ME TOO!!! *MY FEET HIT THE FLOOR AND I START MY DAY* Written by: Unique Dream (08/26/2007)
Hope you enjoyed this journey through my mind... My thoughts from waking to my feet hitting the floor. Yeah, nuts huh? She is ALWAYS on my mind :)
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