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ninjasabby's blog: "general"

created on 10/16/2006  |  http://fubar.com/general/b14418
today i was just doing alot of thinking on things in life and other stuff while at work. yes i actually do think about things while building atm componants lol. no in all seriousness its been an interesting april. on monday the students at Virginia Tech were shaken up byy the murders of 32 people by one mentally unstable person. two of the 32 dead were teachers 1 from Isreal and 1 from Canada and students from around the US and the world. first off i am offering my sincerest condolences to the students, families, and teachers of Virginia Tech. you are all thought about up here in Canada as well. did the 32 people deserve to die no they didnt. if we had a time machine i am sure we would like to turn back time if we could to prevent the loss of these innocent lives. up here in canada we have been affected by school shootings. MONTREAL, TORONTO, AND IN ALBERTA. so we stand hand in hand with the people of VT to mourn the loss but we should also take in comfort that they did have a good life in the sense that they were probably honour students, volunteers, mentors, people that were loved by friends and family. they will never be forgotten cause they are in our hearts forever. APRIL 9th the 90th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge where Canadian soldiers lost their lives in retaking of the hill which was one of the turning points of world war 1. we did what the French and the British could not do. and in doing so we grew as a nation. so we honour them lest we forget but this year on the eve of the battle of vimy ridge 6 Canadian soldiers lost their lives to a roadside bomb in afghanistan. this week all 6 soldiers will be buried in their home towns. and also along with 2 other Canadian soldiers that were killed on the weekend. so far in the war in Afghanistan we have lost over 50 soldiers and 1 diplomat. why are we still over there its because we believe in freedom and in helping a country get back on its feet and to stop the fighting. poeple dont realize that it was Canada under Lester B Pearson that started the whole peacekeeping. we are a nation that will not stand by and not do anything. we have a strong military heritage. Canada has fought in the WORLD WARS 1 AND 2, KOREAN WAR, VIETNAM WAR, WAR OF 1812 in which we did burn the White HOuse sorry guys it is history AND WE HAVE TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN, PARTICIPATED IN EVERY PEACEKEEPING MISSION THERE WAS. AND ALSO THE WAR ON TERROISM with our navy heavily involved. so the sacrifices by the soldiers in afghanistan are not in vain nor will they be forgotten as well. to all troops over in afghanistan. we are behind you 100%. GOD BLESS i guess in final closing why did i write this blog is because we must not lose site of life and how precious it is to us. and how much of a sacrifice people make for us to live in a free world. some innocently, some because they know its their job to fight for freedom. I hope this make sense. so to everyone please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers. through this tragic time. thanks ninjasabby-ct bouncer
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