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This Blog is thanks to the most wonderful man i know. He has opened my eyes to so many things and one of those things is putting in writting things we remember about life, lessons we have learned, and things we notice about everyday life. Thank you!! This will be an ongoing blog about those things. I hope you enjoy them and find some kind of humor, or knowledge in all that i will write. _________________________________________________ August 30, 2007 The key to happiness is not having everyones else's American dream it is making your own. If anyone tells you that they know who they are then they have lied to you...you will never know who you are as long as you continue to grow and learn from life experiences. Some things that i am coming to realize about myself....1. I am not grateful enough for the ones who care about me.2.I am not super woman(who would have thought that one?)3.It's ok to ask for help when you need it and not feel guilty about asking.4. I am scared to have someone love me with out conditions.5. I am not as strong as I think i am and guess what??? ITS OK!!!Those that truely matter in your life will help strengthen you and accept your weaknesses. On a lighter note... I have two boys one is 6 and the other is 2. A couple of weeks ago around 2 or 3 am my 2yr old came in my room and tapped me on my shoulder and said...Ma Ma MAAAAAAA...me hungy(yes he said hungy-purposley mis-spelled)cook an egg ma ma- cook an egg. So at 3 a.m. i am in the kitchen with my son on the counter cooking an egg for him. We had a great little chat about something to do with da da big horse-egg hot and yum yum tum tum. I love those moments. After eating the egg he decided that he could now go back to sleep but it had to be in my commmy bed(comfy). The alarm went off at 5 a.m and there was my baby layed out with legs scattered to the far ends of the bed and one arm on my hair. I loved every minute of it and smiled and kissed him. Sept.20, 2007 I have a six year old son who has the greatest imagination. He has a "step-brother"(mind you most children have imaginary friends- he has an imaginary step-brother)thats name is DJ. DJ lives in Chicago and is 18 and has the worst of luck....he finished highschool and started college but he wants to be a rap star so since "Main State" college didnt offer the best rap classes his mom made him drop out of school. She told him to go to Florida where he could hook up with someone- however, on the way down there he had a wreck. Stone is supposed to be taking him to Disney World to make his step brother feel better.....I will write and let you know how it goes. Last week my dog decided she didnt like the food i was giving her and thought that maybe she could get some kind of nutrition out of my cellphone....i woke up to my dog smiling at me and my cellphone(brand new might i add)in between her feet. It has a hole in it but i can still talk on speaker phone so no one understands a damn word i am saying...here is how the conversations go... Me saying: Hey, how was your day? They hear: Want a good lay? I have to get a new phone before all of my friends think that i am trying to seduce them!! Just a word of advice....please watch the road while driving and not me putting on make-up while i am on my way to work- you will loose and hit the car in front of you...Yes, it really happen to me!! HA HA and he didnt get anyones number but the old lady that he hit....sorry poor fella..LMAO!!
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