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Ok...So I do not have auto 11's right now. *sad face* ;) But I do want to start putting a dent into my points needed to level. As of right now, I have 2,683,986 Points to go! I am offering 10K fu bucks for 100 rates. I know it may not seem like a lot, but its what I'm working with here. I have lots of 100 picture folders. If you do take part in this, please send me a private message...also, if you want the 10K Fu bucks to be a gift to someone else, please leave their link in the PM.
I am trying to get over the half way hump before the weekend is over. I can not do it alone. If anyone could help me get to my goal ~ that would be greatly appreciated. I do return love ~ So, if you're in a giveaway or contest ~ shoutbox or PM me the link to yours!
Lookie at who has a Happy Hour on Tuesday, July 22nd. It is at 5:00 Fu-Time {8:00 EST}. Make sure you save her lots and lots and lots of rates for that day! Lucie in the Sky

@ fubar Lollipop - Lil Wayne
Ok, so some may not like this blog, but Its time I posted it. I am taking a temporary hiatus from leveling. The blinging has become an obsession. Leveling used to be fun when it was a challenge! I will admit - I'm like the next fu - I too, love bling. I will still be leaving my daily comments for the people I usually do...and I will be bombing the giveaways of mine and a few of my friends. Again, this is just a semi-hiatus ... I will repost bulletins, and rate when I can...I am not leaving levelers at this time. Got something to say/ask? Ask it here. Mad because of my choice? Delete me.
Okay so, all the cool kids are doing it - So I figured I would too! Feel free to add your midget to my blog! I'm not really sure how the points thing works ~ but hey .. I'm all for free points!
Okay, so.. I am the proud new Fu-Owner of this wonderful woman! I have known her for over a year, and I consider her to be one of my bestest fu-friends ever! Well - She is just over a million points from being a GodMother .. again! So go give her a fu-spanking ~ and tell her that BrattyBytch sent ya! If you have not yet done so, Please make sure to : RATE FAN ADD And then hit her pics (and stash) with some rates! Lucie in the Sky

@ fubar This Bulletin Made By : BrattyBytch {Shadow Leveler}{Fu-Owned By ~Seamushardcore~}

@ fubar We go together - John Travolta & Olivia Newton- Please do NOT post your midget on this blog!
ERROR: you've reached the daily photo comments limit Can you go help??? I just maxed and still need lots of lovin!
I need some help from my friends. I need 20,000 comments to get a v.i.p. Any help is much appreciated!
Can we all go give Happy Country Girl a hand in getting her very first Happy Hour?? She is just about 4000 comments away!
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