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Deathbyboobie's blog: "My Shit"

created on 01/11/2012  |  http://fubar.com/my-shit/b345873

Your what i crave

Your what i need

On you i want to feed

Devouring you piece by piece

Until this burnning is ceased

Hammering in my head

Without you

Mostly dead

Drounding in my lust for you

Anything you ask

i'll do

Imprisioned by your eyes

In you

i feel alive

Lost in you

Don't want found

Rushing blood

The only sound


Your what i crave

You're the theif of my soul

Locked in your arms

Out of control

Stop this aching inside

Cure in you for me to find

Heart pounding in my ears

With you

i have no fears

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3 years ago
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