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Please Pray For My Friends Mom That Is Like A Seond Mom Too Me. She Just Went To The Hospital Via Ambulance Like Five In A Half Hour Ago...She Was Weak And Had Hight Blood Presure And Low Sugar And Mite Has A Urine Aftection Or A Kidney Problem That All I Have Heard So Far And Yes She Diabetes And She Is 76 :-( And No This Ain't No Joke.



Update: I Know I've Been Lagging On This But Just Want To Say She Has Been Home For About Few Days Now And She Is Doing Fine.

She Is Recoving And Having Therapy On Her Legs Cause Her Legs Are Weak Right Now So I Just Wanted To Give Everybody The Updated News And Thank You Too EVeryone That Gave Their Loves And Concerns Means Alot Too Me And Her. I Told Her That Was People Leaving Loves And Prayers And She Was Happy Thank You...

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