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Honestly can someone tell me who would actually turn down their significant other who is willing almost to the point of begging for sex every day and then the minute they aren't around watches porn and jacks off? This has been an ongoing issue with me and my man. I'm constantly always willing and wanting sex and i do things to get him in the mood and i can get him turned on but there's been many times he will just stop me and say ok enough and doesn't do a goddamn thing!! But then later I find out he's jacked off to one of his porns wtf??? He claims he'd rather cuddle and love on me and show me he loves me and that it's not all about sex and I know it's not all about sex but goddamnit i want to feel wanted sexually too!! He claims he's tired (he works 3rd shift) and i understand he's tired but holy hell he can't be that tired to do stuff with me!! I mean if he has the energy to watch his porn and rub one out then he can take 10 mins to fuck me....I dunno i just don't know wtf to think anymore or what to even do...i mention anything about it and he bitches and tells me i should be happy he's not cheating on me but hell in a way i do feel like he's cheating on me. Especially when you try for 3-4 days to get sex and then find out he's watching porn instead. I dunno anymore we always end up fighting about it and i'm not making sex a big priority but damnit I got needs to and I'm tired of being in a relationship and ending up having to take care of myself when I've got a man who should be doing it for me. So of course now i'm sitting here crying cuz i'm really upset about this and very much frustrated and I have no clue what to do cuz i can't talk to him about it.......... :( sad and hurting Sue
Are men always such idiots?? I mean geesh! My man misplaced his wallet god knows how long ago and he needed his id and stuff for his job this morning so he comes ripping and tearing thru the whole house trying to find it and bitching at me the whole time cuz he can't find it and it's obviously my fault he lost it cuz supposedly it was last on my desk. Well I can say if it was on my desk it would still be here! But i know better that he has a very bad habit of leaving things lay around or thinking he left it somewhere and it just vanishes when he really actually left it somewhere else. So i was mad that he's bitching at me about it and i refuse to help look finally an hour later i decide to clean up all the stuff he messed up in his attempt to find his wallet and i start straightening stuff up in the bedroom and low and behold what do i find behind the clothes basket uh huh his fucking wallet!! I picked it up and tossed it down the stairs at him and said now you know why i fucking bitch at you for leaving shit lay around all the time maybe now you'll learn to keep things put away where they belong. So he gets ready to go back to work with his stuff and not even a fucking thank you just goes "take me back to work now so i can get this done" oh i was pissed fucking ungrateful ass! So i get changed to take him and i go downstairs and he lost his fucking wallet AGAIN! in less then 5 mins!! I swear what an idiot. If i didn't love him so much I wouldn't stay with him!
A very good friend of mine is going thru a very rough time right now I'm asking you all to read this and if there is any chance anyone is able to help out please get in touch with me! i would not ask for anything like this if it wasn't something important but this is someone i am very good friends with and i know how hard of a time she has been having. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR MONEY DONATIONS IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE CONTACT ME. SHIRLEY SAID EVERYTHING FROM BEDS TO COUCH AND KITCHEN TABLE SET HAS TO BE NEW SO I THINK MONEY WOULD BE THE BEST BET TO GIVE THEM TO START OUT NEW. Shirley Rennick-Daigle and her seven-year-old daughter Jennessa hope to be home for the Christmas holidays. They've been away for about seven months, battling Jennessa's leukemia with the help of the IWK Health Centre in Halifax and the Hospital for Sick Children in TorontoThey're looking forward to being reunited with family, including Rennick-Daigle's 14-year-old son Michael, who's been staying with her brother in Hampton. They'll be coming home to a new apartment, one they've never seen before. But it won't have any furniture. The apartment they used to have on the city's East Side had a mildew problem, says Rennick-Daigle, a 32-year-old single mother on income assistance. Mildew covered the bathroom ceiling and was climbing up her bedroom wall, she said during a telephone interview from Halifax. They put up with it for three years, but Jennessa had a bone marrow transplant in August, so her immune system is suppressed, making her vulnerable to potential infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungus. Doctors said they had to move from the Golden Grove Road apartment. One of Rennick-Daigle's sisters found them a new, subsidized three-bedroom apartment in the North End. But when relatives went to move the family's belongings, they discovered that after seven months of no one living there, their couch, beds and kitchen chairs were all musty and covered in mildew, she says. To make matters worse, when they turned over the keys to landlord Shawn McAdam, he said Rennick-Daigle wouldn't be getting her $475 damage deposit back because she hadn't given him the required 30 days' notice in writing. Rennick-Daigle says she didn't have McAdam's phone number or address, so she had messaged her building's superintendent, Michelle Defazio, on MSN from Halifax to explain the situation. Defazio told her to e-mail the notice to her and she would forward it to the landlord, says Rennick-Daigle. So she did on Oct. 31, she says. "She didn't give notice, period, to me," says McAdam. "I require verbal or written notice, not e-mail. I don't own a computer." He said the superintendent has his contact information, and he's also listed in the phone book. And while Defazio did tell him about Rennick-Daigle's notice, that was only about two-and-a-half weeks ago, he said. "Thirty days' notice is required with month-to-month rent," under the Residential Tenancies Act to give landlords time to find a new tenant. Defazio could not be reached for comment. Even if Rennick-Daigle had given 30 days' notice, McAdam says he still would have kept her damage deposit. "There's a full-size candle melted into the carpet, children's stickers all over the walls, all over the light switches, all over the baseboard heating." There's also holes in the walls, he says. "The place was just a proper mess. "I lose a month's rent, plus all the money I put back into the apartment to fix it up." McAdam, who's owned the building for 21 years, denies there's mildew in the apartment. "I know (Rennick-Daigle's) been having some hard times, but a lot of people have hard times in their life," he says. "I don't know what she expects from me. It's got nothing to do with me." Rennick-Daigle says the wax in the carpet and some of the stickers were already there when she moved in. There aren't any holes in the walls, she said, clearly frustrated. Christmas was already going to be tight, said Rennick-Daigle, who lives on $900 a month from income assistance, plus a $520 child tax benefit. Now it's going to be even tighter, having to buy new furniture and losing her damage deposit. But she's determined to somehow get Jennessa the two items on her wish list - an electric guitar and a Furby doll - and Michael some of the Game Boy or Play Station games he loves. "It's been pretty tough going," she said, fighting back tears. Jennessa was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood, on May 3. She'd been lethargic and suffering high fevers since about mid-April, said Rennick-Daigle. At first, she assumed her daughter was getting a cold or flu, but eventually took her to the hospital. Initially, she was diagnosed with a throat infection and then strep throat. When her condition didn't improve, doctors tested for the mumps and that's when they discovered she had leukemic cells. "She went from almost never being sick to deathly ill," says Rennick-Daigle. Jennessa went to the IWK the next day and after another week of tests, started three cycles of chemotherapy. "It went surprisingly well," says Rennick-Daigle. "She had very few days where she was very ill." She did lose all of her dirty-blonde hair, which had grown past her waist, but not before she dyed half of it pink and the other half green - her two favourite colours - and gave braids of it to family and friends. "She dealt with it a lot better than mommy did," Rennick-Daigle says with a laugh. Jennessa, a Grade 1 student at Forest Hills School, stayed at the IWK until Aug. 10, with her mother at her bedside. "She played tricks on the nurses to pass time and befriended just about anybody who set foot in the unit," says Rennick-Daigle. "She was always on the go." And if other children weren't taking their medicine, or eating, she'd visit them to try to set a good example, she said. Then the mother and daughter headed to Toronto, where Jennessa received a bone marrow transplant on Aug. 31. They stayed there until Oct. 9. So Rennick-Daigle, who was supposed to take a government-sponsored apprenticeship course in carpentry in September, to try to get off social assistance, couldn't attend. By the time they returned to the IWK, Rennick-Daigle noticed Jennessa was having difficulty hearing, a possible side effect of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants. "Every time I spoke to her it was 'What? Huh? I can't hear you.' "She was getting frustrated enough that she was giving me attitude." Transplant recipients usually only undergo hearing tests one year post-transplant, but Rennick-Daigle insisted Jennessa be tested. The results showed she suffered severe hearing loss in her right ear and has trouble hearing high pitches in her left. She got hearing aids on Friday and could be heard testing them out Saturday, singing This Kiss in the background, along with Faith Hill on the country channel. She complains that they itch, but was happy she got to pick out the colour - pink for the piece that goes inside her ear and green for the piece around the back, said Rennick-Daigle. Jennessa, whose leukemia is in remission, had been discharged to the Ronald McDonald House for the past few weeks, returning the IWK daily for checkups and one-on-one schooling. Rennick-Daigle was hoping "with any luck, crossing all fingers" to make it home this week. But Jennessa was readmitted to hospital Sunday with shingles, another common side effect for children who have had chemotherapy or a bone marrow transplant. "Now we're unsure when we'll be able to leave the hospital, let alone Halifax," said Rennick-Daigle. She's hoping it will be in time for Christmas. Jennessa will still have to go back to the IWK every two weeks for tests though because her body could still reject the bone marrow transplant. And she has to live under strict conditions until at least March to avoid infection. She can't be in big crowds, so she can't go to her new school, Centennial, the mall or even the movies. If she goes out for a walk, she has to wear a mask. Everything she ingests has to be washed down first, including canned goods before they're opened. And she can't have anything with grapefruit in it because it interacts with her medication. "It's still kinda scary," said Rennick-Daigle. "I just want normalcy back in my life. The greatest thing, for me, will be to have my family together" again.
Can all of my friends that read this please go and vote for my friend and her gf? Under girls she's #3"sketel" and under the "guys" her gf is #1 "Juicy" so please vote for them both!!!
If your girl comes downstairs wearing some real sexy lingerie she just got and your playing a video game would you drop what your doing and jump her or would you just look and say "Nice, i gotta finish my game first tho"? cuz my man did just that to me yesterday and when i told him to forget it i was going to go change he's like "that's fucked up!" and i'm like "yeah and so is choosing ur damn game over me" Ladies if your man did that what would you do??
A friend gave me this address and if anyone else is interested in sending a card or letter during the holiday seasons to a recovering soldier here is the address A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001 My kids and their classes are sending cards and letters as well. I figured it'd be a nice gesture for the holidays!


So I figured I'd update everyone on what's been going on with me some may not like what i say or disapprove of what i'm about to say but such is my life and I am happy regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. About 3 months ago i got in touch with my cousin whom i have never met or spoke to in all of my 28 yrs of living. His mother was adopted when she was younger after being in foster homes and moved away to Texas. Growing up I knew of her and my cousins but never had the chance to meet or talk to any of them. About 2 1/2 yrs ago I got in touch with my aunt and we communicated online then lost touch till 3 months ago. Then i started talking to my cousin Danny he's been in and out of trouble in Texas and basically the only way for him to stay outta trouble was to move away. I offered that to him mainly cuz i had never met him and wanted the chance to get to know him. We talked every day pretty much all day long quite a few times falling asleep on the phone with each other. We got so close and have so much in common. Well finally he decided to move up here n get away from texas and make his life better and in the time we were talking we got closer and closer. Needless to say him moving here just made us even closer. Yes I am dating my cousin and yes i am very happy. Many might say it's wrong of him and I to be together but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm not afraid to admit to anyone that i am in love with my cousin. I can honestly say tho that had i grown up with him i prolly wouldn't be in this situation but since we never grew up together and really didn't even know each other we were more like strangers who became friends then family cuz to me family is people that you spend time with for holidays and the likes. Not someone you never knew grewing up granted yes they are still family and all but i guess it's just a lil different to me. You can put me down or degrade me in any way you like if you don't agree with this but it's my life and i am HAPPY! Of course i never thought in a million years that i'd have a relationship with my cousin regardless but to me it doesn't matter. Anyways i wanted to update my friends on what's been going on with me. If you feel like it leave your comments if not that's fine to. Sue
One of my very close and dear friends whom i'v eknown since i was 5 has entered her son into this baby idol contest thru our local radio station and i'm asking all of you my friends here on CT to please help out! YOu can vote once a day from your email addy and use as many email addys as you wish! We need your votes EVERYDAY in order to stay alive in this contest. All you have to do is send an email to from every email address you own. Enter the number 549 in the subject line and send it off! Here's the link for the contest entries: you don't really need to go to the link but if you want to see his cute little face (and foot, lol) he's pg 11 #549. VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Thanks again for all your support! Thanks to all who help out! Sue!!
Alright my daughter is going to join a SuperSpeller Program at school and the proceeds benefit the American Lung Association and she needs to get sponsors for her to participate and I'm looking for anyone that is willing to sponsor her for this. Just so ya know this is a scheme or joke or anything and if anyone were to help sponsor her you can write a check right out to the American Lung Association. If anyone is interested in helping my daugher please message me :) thanks guys!


Just curious if you found out a guy was lying to you or a girl for that matter how would you bust them? or would u collaborate more with the person that you found out from, let the person dig more of a hole and then bust them? We are trying to think of a way to bust a guy for the games he's playing and can't decide how to do it and when to do it but both of us are antsy about waiting lol but both wanna wait to see how much of a hole he can dig for himself!
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