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I walk upon the clouds, not wanting to get off, just gazing at the love that was brought forth to me.

From the first time i saw her, i was amazed, astonished, admiring this beautiful woman.

Our worlds were distant then, me mated with another her in the same path.

Our planets were afar along time, but the admiration grew into a devoted friendship.

This friendship, grew as we grew, my heart growing more fonder of the friendship in front of me.

As time  elapse, we adapted to our own worlds,the communication as distant as the time spent apart.

She grew to admire others , i devoted my time to my path in life.

but then something changed....

She became the same as i , single and heartbroken, me single an searchin...

We began to see this in the same light, but both leary of events in both our paths.

I saw something along time go that brought my heart  to hers.

Our paths now on the same road, our planets align, our worlds united as one.

Were it takes us, i dont no, but my souls been empty so long, this may be the void that fills me with the love i wanna share with her.

And then maybe, one day, our souls will unite and we'll be mates Forever.

One second, of the minute that brings the hour to the day, that our  time together will last a eternity...

For u my love , this just the prelude of the story that i want to begin with you.

XOXOXO love you babe(h)(h)(h)

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