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Emerald Eyes's blog: "My Poetry"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/my-poetry/b10594

the one.... has many meanings... it should only have one... the person you cherish.... whom you hold dear.... who you wake up next to... and have no fears... whom you wish would never leave... though sometimes they do... but you never know why.... because your their lil fool... wishing on a star... with tears falling into the ocean... will you wish ever come true... your heart has spoken.... until the day... your dreams come true... she will be wishing... for only you...

Being addicted to a life not your own then it begins to feel like home sick twiztid bitchez always hittin you up god this is just my luck i cant be part of this life anymore i cant be part of something unsure if you would just stay away from the girls if they would just stop ruining my world i dont want to do it i cant anymore i am sick of the bullshit sick of stupid little girls bitches be tellin you "o your so fine" and you be tellin them "you can have it anytime" truth is it hurts and makes you look low truth is i dont know if i can love you anymore something in my heart from deep within is telling me this is the begining of the end the end of you the end of me the end of us please come back to reality by heather hart '07
I hate: -when people have to be 2 faced....... ya know those ppl who ask you if they can have things as a friend and then tell other ppl stupid shit thats not even close to true. -co workers who dont go out of their way to help anyone.... dont care about anything and think they know you enough to diss you to your best friend or any of your friends at all because they think they are better than everyone. quit with the drama already.... your just making things harder for yourself. - Friends who wont talk to their child hood friends because they are not good enough. hello we were though ones there through thick and thin who let you cry on our shoulders and invited you to sleepovers when you weren't good enough to go to your new "friends" houses. -self Contained people who think "THEY ARE THE SHIT"---- heres a clue... your not so get over yourself! -The ppl who say they are your friends then dont write or call for months at a time. Enough said! -People who think losing a friend is like disposing of your granny panties and dont understand there is another person involved getting hurt and they are a not a piece of blood stained fabric. -The guys and girls who think its okay to go cheat on their beau..... listen up..... IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE WITH THEM STOP WASTING THEIR TIME BC THEY DONT WANT TO BE WITH SOMEONE WHO IS SO SELFISH AND UNCARING----- even if they say they forgive you they never will...... so dont even try to be their friends! -ALL YOU BASTARD PARENTS OUT THERE..... if you are going to have the fun of fucking a guy/girl.... at least have the decensy to use protection instead of running away when you find out your girl is knocked up or having a child in a broken home..... All you losers need to stop being "playas" and join us back here in reality. -If you love someone..... let them know because they probably won't stick around if you don't. -All you guys and girls that say your inlove when you have known someone maybe a day or 2 hello..... one way tickets for sale back to reality for you 2..... you dont even know the person and that wont change with your head in the clouds. -Rejects forom high school..... I applaud you for putting up with so many years of torture and at your 10 year reunion all the people from the "popular crowd" will want you now.... but dont think twice about getting with them.... they are still the same losers(jocks, pricks, preps, sluts, hoochies, bimbos, and morons) you thought they were back then. Lets stick to that theory. -Ppl who think having sex with 13 and 14 year olds when you are with someone your own age..... 1 word for you...... PEDIFILE! -Blondes.... dont act ditsy because you think you have to to get the guys.... they like smarter girls better. -Red heads.... you may be alot of fun for the guys to chase but don't spread your legs right away..... let them fall in love with you then send them packing..... they will want you for the right reasons then. -Brunettes.... Even though I am one.... stop be snobby ass bitches.... just cause you got the look does not mean you deserve the world..... be yourself.... without the attitude. Cause you know we all got em. -Abusive assholes... just becasue your daddy treated you like dirt doesnt mean you can treat others the same way. We arent the ones who sent you into a horrific depression when you were in highschool and made you split wood til your hands bled..... Its called bully syndrom and we wont take it.... we will either leave you or dropkick your ass...... Remember those last 2 words because i promise you it will happen. -If you are hoping for the fairytale ending in your life.... You will look long and hard.... they don't exist.... their will always be a prince charming.... a princess.... a horse and carriage, wicked step sister, and money riches and fame. But their will never be the perfect happy ending..... you have to work for that.... and not be any of the things above... I am not saying that fairytales never come true..... its just hard to find the right storybook to be a part of. -If you are any of the above people..... get a life.... stop wasting our time..... and please get over yourself stop thinking the world revolves around you and your stupid ass...... Us normal people have better things to do than focus on you..... we have this little thing called "life" that we need to tend to. Stop causing the drama..... being tha playa..... starting the shit.... and pointing the blame.... if you have nothing to stand on.... because before you call someone gross, pathetic or annoying.... YOU NEED TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR.... becaus eyou are most definitly talking about who other than YOURSELF! This is just a friendly reminder from the desk of Heather Duggan-Hart! Thank you for reading and post me back about what you think!
When i look at you, all the I can see, are the decisions i had made quite suddenly, When I look at you, All that I know, Is the boy i grew up with the boy i used to know, Sometimes I wish things had stayed the same, so that the dream i once had would not have gone away, Sometimes I think that if I had not called, you would still be my fairytale and best friend overall, If only I had known how my life would change I would go back to that day when I gave it all away.
loving someone is like a ferris wheel.... no not a roller coaster... a roller coaster goes all over the place.... a ferris wheel... simply goes around in never ending circles.... always going up and down slowly getting better then starting all over before it comes crashing to a hault..... at the top of the wheel looking down...
you never know what could be right in front of your eyes... an affair?!? you would suspect but never truely know... a lie?!? you would believe because you love them so much... a secret?!? you wouldnt eventually find out to realize the person you love isnt that person at all... trust?!? could be an issue but maybe its not at all... caring?!? you always wonder if there is more you can do... honesty?!? if you ever find them being disshonest you could never get it out of your head... love?!? always has been there always will be but could ruin a relationship with the jealousy that comes with it.... pain?!? never goes away.... jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water... jack fell down broke his crown and this damn rhyme wont go away...
All the lies i've had to face... all the things i miss today... can you tell me why you feel that way... can you tell me what i did that day... I dont know what to do... my whole life is coming unglued... can you help me understand... my heart is dying with every touch of your hand... it hurts most when i catch you in a lie... not to mention when i look in your eyes... do you miss the way things used to be... am i asking for company in my misery... what hurts the most is that i know... its not me you dream of but it is her... am i the only one you hold tight... can u help me understand... because this depression is grabbing my hand... my heart... and my soul... to have my company in its control... it is pulling hard and pulling fast... can you try to hold me back... or will you let me fall freely... until there is no more of me... pain wants company and i am leaning... over the edge while my heart is bleeding... you let go and now im gone... falling fast for eternity... will i ever be able to escape... from the broken promises and lies you say... will i ever rise above... from all this pain that you have caused... i will never know until the day... my heart says that its okay... it may mend and it may not... but there will be one thing i've got... the love of a man whom i said goodbye to... the love of a man i thought i knew... the one thing i have always wanted... but that will be because he lost me... and believe me i will never come back... not for all the hope in the world... because i got over the pain... now its your turn... so until the day we meet again... may this not be the beginning of the end.
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