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Shadow's blog: "my poerty"

created on 05/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-poerty/b212956
Trying to push the past away Still waiting for the lights to change But she'll try, for the sake of her pride, Learing to barely feel the pain The thicker the skin the less the strain And though it's really hurting She ain't breaking, She is loving him still After all this time
Some people think that they hold all the power of the people around them... little do they know that it is not them that holds the power but that those around them do. To be concerned about your fate and your soul only deepens your thoughts and wisdom of life today. To hate...is to lose your self and your power, over another person. Do not hate for it will only haunt you.
Come play with me in the night and you will find things that you can only imagine. Hide with me in the dark and no one will find us. Run with me in the wind and no one will follow. Let it rain, let it pour and let us fly away together...
If I told you that I wanted you, would you believe me? Would you take my hand and guide me to the other place? I long to listen and hear your voice guiding me under your spell. Creating me as you would have me, and needing me even more. Shall I lose myself in the dark mist of the night...will you find me there? Will I come to you willingly and place myself at your feet? Can I learn trust by you, will you guide me through all the terriors we will feel and the desires we will need? Shall I come to you or shall you come to me?
Come to me in the night. Darkness awaits for our souls and hearts. Come into the mist and never feel lost again. Let it be known that no one shale rule our hearts... for us, they beat as one. Let time and the night guide us where no one will dare to follow. We are becoming one in the night, and in the night we shall live, run and find our hearts release.
Fiery blood will pour tonight as one stands in the middle, she alone will give body and soul to her Master. She weeps to feel, and screams to be desired; waiting in the night for her Master.Come to me, her blood calls; need me, his blood calls...both far apart and yet in the same space. She touches the wind, and is touching him. He wraps himself around her tightly...holding her and breaking her. The night cries and the world she knows dies, as she finds her place in the circle. To protect him, she will with her life, as she flys with him through the night. As morning light draws near... Empty the bloodless circle lays, waiting for more slaves to come, and in the end the soul is drawn here, as the end of days draws near...


Perhaps as one stands alone in darkness, they feel no one can understand them. Cold and alone watching the moon rise in the night, watching the stars race across the ebony sky. Knowing passion is out there, and missing it all the while, feel despair and desire together merging into one. One cloud unto you and it rains, as your tears fall...who would care...who would hear your call? Shall you forever feel the despair of your tears, as they run down your face? Alone I shall sit, not knowing who will hear my song and feel my tears as they fall...
We belong together, if not in person than in our souls, You are master and I am slave... I will guide us too where we have belonged for eternity, One breath I will take from your lips as I die a second death on this day, Soon I will breath life back into your soul as I awaken, Wrap Roses around my ageless body, and pray for me to come back to you, for if I come back a third time, I am yours always & forever...
Fighting for souls We come together as two people and we find that once in never enough, We fight with words, that our bodies long to complete, We yell with a longing only our hearts could complete.and yet... We pick up our swords and do battle with one another, We cause more pain than pleasure and still we join, We complete each other in a way that no one else can touch, We ruin what we have because we must.and the night cries... We close around each other with swords drawn high, We feed off each other & yet we do not know why. We come to each other prepared to fight, We know everything might be lost tonight. And the lighting strikes... We clash as only we will ever do, We show our blood and show what we can do, We drop only to fight again & still there is no end. And the night clears... We have a moment of truth; as only one is allowed, We both come together sweat on our browse, We feel the need eat at our souls and while not so easy to fight, more easy to let go... We will find eachother over and over again & never let go, We will fight to come to terms with what we have in the end, We will need eachother more than any other, for when the swords drop all we have is in the beginning or in the end. JR
~~~~Welcome to My Place, My Peace...My Soul~~~~ Reach into my heart and feel the pulse that lives inside of me. Reach into mind and see what I passions I see. Reach for my soul and try not to be scared, Reach for my fire and always be aware. Reach for me and all the things you desire. Reach for yourself and all the things you Need. Reach and follow, do not think, do not stop. Reach for those mindless dreams in the deepest of night, Reach for the lighting that strikes out in the moonless light. Reach for ideas and needs you know are there, Reach for more than you have ever dared. Reach for me and I will reach for you...to welcome you back to....where I am always near.
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