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created on 11/11/2009  |
The young man runs hard In a deserted land The trees are naked Lost in time Lost in his heart The memory of goodbye From what once was Lost in time Goodbye Goodbye my loved ones The man on the corner Screaming Gesting Noone surprised By the alarmist Life cursed Save me from my doom The poison on the ground The war that is coming Goodbye I think of you my loved ones Goodbye The sun goes down In the land of dawn The young man bites through his pain The young man is scared Afraid of the future Afraid of what will come The young man runs to his home To his loved ones To his love Sings his lullabye goodnight Goodnight my loved ones Dream whatever you want to dream I will stil protect you against wind and water The fire The rain The acid The air poluted as the city i will protect you from the danger luring Goodbye

Noone knows why the day turns night

Noone knows why the sun still shines

Noone knows why the cold wind still blows

But I know I miss you


Noone knows why stars fall

Noone knows why death follows us

Noone knows why people are left in the cold

But I know I miss you



Hold me once again

Let me rest my head on your shoulder again

And hold me once again

Gentle run your fingers through my hair like you used to

And hold me once again

I know it got too much

But still I wish you would hold me once again



Noone knows why luck gets blown away

Noone knows why flowers wilt

Noone knows why I only tusted you

But I know I miss you


Don't ask me anything

Don't tell me anything

Just hold me once again

Don't talk to me

But please hold me once again


I'm lost for words

I wish you would just hold me one more time....

I'm always the shoulder, the comfort in a certain way..

they call me their soulmate

I'm always the little brother, the one they can always talk to

a buddy, a soundboard, but never THAT guy....

I'm always the smooth one, easy in every way

I'm the cool one, do everything for kicks

yet never THE guy..


I wish i was you

Just one time to be you

To be with a woman on time

Not be the pillow but the sheets she holds tight


Just wish one day

to be the wine and not the beer

to be that hot dress and not the hoodie


But i just wanted to be you

one day not to be myself

that i was everything that you are

not the lonely one 

but the group

i not the incase but the if was

not the honey but the bee

not the teddybear but the macho



To be you one time...



DRY YOUR TEARS -------------- I think often about how it started We layed arm in arm , on the grass under the sun But we both knew their was gonna be that time That is gonna be hard and difficult Because the passion can get lost And i said " Let's fight it and go for it whatever comes, we'll get through it But if butterflies die in your lap That's when the big life question rises "Is our love not that big anymore?" And the fairytale of the prince on the white stallion Is over too soon because the passion has been put on low It hurts but give yourself a new chance Only then your life can shine a little again So dry your tears even if you have so much sorrow you can wheep like me it won't help us Dry your tears eventhough you have so much heartache Life goes on You start all over again There surely is something beautiful laying ahead of you It's dark outside now and quiet I ask myself the question again " is this what i want?" This lasts a thousand times longer then i thought What happens passionate you seldomly have under control And unfortunately i want to but i can't Is it foolish to leave you for that?
ALLWAYS I WILL LOVE YOU ----------------------- Everytime you look at me Then i know i'm right Every time i think about you Then i feel i'm home You save me from my worst nightmares Your love leeds me through the night If something might happen to us Know i'll be waiting for you Because my love Always i will love you I can't excist without you Always i will love you I can't be go on without you A heart that says " I need you" That says "I love you" Such kind of heart makes words unnecesairy And i stay loyal to it You make the sun shine back in my life you're my passion and my power If you'd dissapear one day Know i'll be waiting for you Always i will love you I cant go on without you...
GOODBYE TO A FRIEND ------------------- Everything is done forever When you're ready for it I have stood by your side My god, i have enjoyed knowing you I now stay here and you go there And there is not so far from here We agree to meet, i don't know where and we will meet in that place Without you time goes by just as fast But the times do change So i say goodbye, you have to go now Know that you'll stay to excist in my heart Sweet dreams, you have earned it You fought till your last breath And go, go my friend and dream forever all relieved Just like the old days you'll get to that point I know you'll find a home real soon And i repeat what you once told me In my heart i stay faithfull to you Without you... And i know i should be greatfull But that's why it hurts so much Without you.
DONT LEAVE ME ALL ALONE ----------------------- Don't leave me all alone Desperate and lost Take down those walls arround me and help me come to you Let me be your companion Be the guide that will lead me Because i been on this journey for so long And so tired, come and realease me Take me back to your land Filled with music and dreams Lead me to your land Let me live in your clouds Dont leave me all alone Take my hand and show me The way that leads to you Help me this way to get to you Take me to your land Filled with music and dream
BE MINE ------- Silent past Same old city Your walls, your streets, Always hiding something Whispering voices in the cold dark night Shims in the thick mist floating over the ditch Be mine like a fire against the cold Let me be safe with you Be mine Put your arms around Don't let me be alone Safe Harbor Storm at open sea So firey, so icey You're both You push me away laughing And then pull me back to you Time seems to fly by, eventho it stood still Let me be safe with you Be my heat against the cold Don't leave me all alone Be mine...
TOGETHER -------- My darling, remove all your layers Show your naked self to my eyes And be fragile in my hands Scream it out i know i'm blind at times But i will dry your tears When your loneliness is too heavy For one human For one heart Tonight i'll be there for you I'll catch the tears your eyes shed Then i will know which truth Hides under your skin The night brought our souls together Sweetheart, de golden weapons lay beside you You do not have to protect yourself any longer I know the pain is too heavy for one human one heart So hold me tight and close your eyes Together we will wait for daylight to come Together...


There comes joy from her
Even when she's quiet, she keeps interesting me
I love to be, be with her
She makes my heart bloom
she doesn't know, but she makes the blueprint of my soul's dreams
And her life colors the content of the life i want
My whole life i wanna be with her

For her i go through fire
It's an adventure
An amazing story
I Sell my soul to her
In exchange for what i want
A lifetime with her
for her

a thousand emails i have sent to her
Day and night i can not sleep
I'm sure Mother Nature, while watching me,
Created her
And no matter how other people have sang to her
There's noone who adores this girl with all their heart and soul like me
My whole life i wanna spend with her

For her...

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