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The magician stands firmly Atop the broken balcony His hands gleam with energy His mind emits ecstasy The wind conducts his flowing robes The doors of convention hastily close And fiction leaps into fantasy As mist dances across the sea Thunder shakes the ground so gentle Reality leaps from its lofty mantel And dances away with one final twirl Before plummeting off the edge of the world The sky watches with jealous spite The earth observes the larks in flight And the magician speaks the archaic rite That overpowers day with the salvation of night. ~~January 17, 2007~~ All My Soldiers Loves Me
look in my eyes, look for my heart if you are looking 4 me its the place 2 start you will never find what make me, me if my soal is one you are to blind to see so stare somewhere else but i will let you know my heart is where only blind eyes go ~~December 2006~~ All My Soldiers Loves Me
The misleading times led to false accusations the swelling hatrid brings out discrimination. The pouring rain drowns out the cries a dying world only darkness across the skys. The gods of wrath show their power all the love is lost in fear we cower. Our blood coats the streets we fight a losing battle we are their children to be herded like cattle. Our broken bodies cover the city the freed souls look on in pity. Torn by suspision our society ends a new birth, a new order a new society begins. ~~January 16, 2007~~ All My Soldiers Love Me
His strength is never enough just passing smile through my window a casual word I hear over and over reminds me and makes me laugh inside. But to him my love is never enugh not needed, not wanted he causes my cries then wants to know how he can quiet them. A shot of ignorance poured into a wine glass his faith is never enough a fleeting feeling of security a warm embrace that fades into the days that pass. Like a feeling I cannot keep so sincere to hear but so painful to feel second best, someone stealing my spot my treasure, but who can own love. My smiles are never enough when half of the time they are lies just a show I perform for others who never seem to see past my costume. Sometimes it really doesn't matter but sometimes it leaves me empty they are not enough just a chilling phrase meant to be warm. A love that's only there sometimes or not at all, what is enough are you enough, am I trusting you too much because I need to trust so badly. I need you, to feel loved even if it's just for a little while I can hope someday I'll find it or maybe I already have. ~~January 17, 2007~~ All My Soldiers Loves Me
He'll put you down and make you cry but still you'll say it's all a lie. You dream at night of what could be you close your eyes so you won't see. He's playing with you it's almost a sin but you'll do as he asks it's always for him. You lost yourself when he chose his game you tell me he has changed but you stay the same. You're worth so much more than he'll ever know I see you have strength and I hope that you'd go. I know you're not happy but I know you can see there are people that love you and one of them's me. ~~January 17, 2007~~ All My Soldiers Loves Me
If you look at the dawn you can see the sun ablaze with the kiss of earth and heaven see the skies set us adrift on the bluest oceans of their adoration to fly into the midsts of clouds to inhale their fragrant essense to soar upwards and let the light embrace your smile to let your sweet laughter lightly rain down upon me as I watch you as I laugh with you let me take your hand let me show you the sunlight, as it dances in the fragile dew that languishes on the petals of roses that sparkles from it that lives by the sheer beauty of it let me show you the sky as it blushes deep red with the kiss of dusk let me warm you with moonbeams and seranade you with nightengales and let me smile with you as I light the tips of candles with the stars above, and let the dawn find us together and let the world never take us apart.... ~November 29, 2006
where dreams may go.. this you shall know.. you are my love pure and sweet.. when you are near, i can hear my heart beat.. where there were doubts and some fear.. you will find out, just how you are dear.. so let us not, stay apart.. because you are now, a piece of my heart. ~October 30, 2006


Maybe the problems I have right now will all just go away, Maybe I'll just give up and let depression have its way. Maybe people are just so cruel that hate comes naturally, Maybe I'll just kill myself, another drop in the sea.... Or maybe the way things are right now will work out at the last, Maybe all this trauma and grief will soon be distant past. And maybe I'll then look forward to life, not dread each passing day Maybe I'll have true friends again, and true loves that also stay. ~October 31, 2006


A lone candle flickers in the wind an unheard scream could mean the end From the distance he comes to me such radiant beauty I don't deserve to see A dream come to life my life I can now handle the flame of two now the burning of one candle My happiness returned all I need is his touch can think of no other no other do I love this much My pain is eased by his caring ways I live to see him through the unbearable days Nothing else matters when I have you my cries have been answered and anything for you I'd do ~~November 26, 2006
I roam the world for myself for something I can call my my own I have buried myself in this act I am now no more than a drone. My time on Earth should be up but she makes me live on a fake face, a fake life no longer me I am no more, all is wrong. My past is a complete blur my future does not exist I have won the battle, lost the war must go on, fight to resist. The persisting lies turn to truth my blacken sight looking clear unknown anger builds within so much pain, I cannot face the mirror. What has become of me who is the one in contol my faith in all begins to fail as they crusify my soul. Am I wrong wanting to be me will i become an outcast for this why can't they understand it's my personality, me, that I miss. ~November 26, 2006
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