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Virgo3166SexTherapist101's blog: "I am not a slut..."

created on 11/11/2011  |  http://fubar.com/i-am-not-a-slut/b344608  |  2 followers

I guess this is one of my tasks that I will eventually have to do, so I am getting it out of the way now.

I know that a lot of horny men on this site feel that if a woman has "naughty" pictures of herself here, that that must mean she is easy and will put on cam shows anytime asked for it. That's not the case. I, myself, do get excited to have strangers look at me, whether it is photo or in person;but just because those pics are there for you to rate and enjoy, does not mean that I am here, waiting and willing to have you view me anytime you choose.

Try getting to know the person first. Light conversation, "how are you?, do you have kids? what do you do when you are not working?".  Then later, maybe a couple days down the line, maybe longer...then ask, could we?, or may I?, but what I've been getting is, "Hey..." (first time they have ever talked to me at all), "cam me". Excuse me...do you think I'm a slut? I try to get to know people and tell them, get to know me, so I can see if you are worthy of viewing me, but it doesn't make a difference.

There are also the men that keep my interest and talk nice and get me to trust them and then when they do manage to get me to "cam" with them or for them, and I mean sexually, then they don't talk to me again afterwards, like I was too easy for them. Maybe they are just uneasy. Maybe they are embarrassed. Either way, we both agreed to let it happen and now I'm not good enough to talk to anymore?

I am a person, with feelings and a heart and soul. Don't treat me or any other woman like a piece of meat to naw on when you get hungry. We are people. We love to share ourselves but we have our limits and some of you cross that line, a lot. Try asking nicely if certain things are allowed with us. We would more likely to do certain things if you showed some respect.

For those who have given me respect, who have commented with nice comments, and you know who you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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