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So I came across this male who started sb'ing me.  It started out harmless enough until he asked me what I was doing.  Which I responded I was in a lounge hanging out, talking to people.  He then got rather indignant and began stating how he "understood" that I'd rather do that than get on YIM with him and chat with him and only him privately.  Seriously?  Ego much?  Then he said he wanted to cam to cam with me individually.  I said I already was on cam, and he said something along the lines of how any guy who looked at a woman on cam while other guys were watching even if it's just talking are punks.  Drama king much?  I replied with, "It is what it is." and unbelievebly he decided to rant about how he was a military member with medals, and a college degree and how he's just more in tune with reality and life than most people.  Excuse me?  But you seem a bit out of touch with reality if you think that machoism is by any means a turn on.  BTW, I don't like being told what I ought to be doing.  I'm quite capable of making my own decisions, and have thouroughly contemplated them with regard to whatever consequence might arise.  So if you would, take your pathetic, whinning self and take a long walk off a short pier?  I'd much appreciate it.


I WILL NOT one on one cam with you.  Please feel free to become indignant if you would like, but that won't change the fact that I will not and do not cam to cam privately with any individual.  Besides, i'm fairly boring on cam, and I sit there.  I write dorky notes and show them to people, and sometimes I might draw you a picture.  Otherwise.  Yep, i'm not the girl you want me to be, or the girl you expect me to be.  I'm me, and whatever that might entails is just the way it is.


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