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Over the course of the last few months...say since October '06 or so....my drive and mission has been to reach as many people as possible and help whoever I could that has suffered the same sort of loss as myself or worse in some cases. I wanted my blog to get to #1 and I wanted to get my page as high in the ranks as I could get it all in the name of reaching more people. Some might not believe that and thats fine...I could care less what the nay sayers have to say about me. I think I have grown past that need to get everything to the top because I know that no matter what...I AM helping people and if others out there feel the need to keep me down JUST so they can be better and higher up in the food chain so be it. I wont be the one with my conscience to deal with. So...my vow from here on...and my true friends please help me stick to it...I will continue to support pregnancy and infant loss awareness and support its survivors...but I will no longer be asking for blog rates or blast gifts....if people want to give them to me...GREAT but otherwise I will just have to earn them the hard way with writing in my blogs to get attention and entering blast contests or buying them myself. I dont want to be the person that relies on everyone else to help me out and take care of me. AND if all interest in me and my page falls because I back off then I will gracefully back out and just use my blog and my page for my current friends that need it and my own solace with my thoughts. Thanks for listening everyone!
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