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StainedBySin's blog: "StainedBySin"

created on 03/30/2011  |  http://fubar.com/stainedbysin/b340372

I vanished into the night

Uncertain if I might ever see you again

Alone I took my journey

One step at a time


I traveled many places

Saw many new faces

That I tried to make my home

All I felt was alone


Years have passed and still I find

Emptiness is all I feel inside

What was missing I can’t express

You must have taken my heart when you left


I cling to memories of days gone by

The way you kissed me when we said goodbye

When I go back to that time and place

I realize that losing you was my biggest disgrace


I eliminated you from my thoughts and my prayers

Convincing myself that you never cared

I was forced to turn my love to hate

Knowing it would be foolish to wait


Five years passed and I swallowed my pride

I had to know how you had survived

Before I knew it dusk turned to dawn

Like a miracle the pain was gone


Now I see that time was a test

A way to see if our love was true

And at this moment I feel blessed

Because something led me back to you


I know our journey has just begun

All the battles have yet to be won

But please remember my heart is true

I want to spend my forever loving you

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