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Sinful Vampiress's blog: "Poetry"

created on 08/07/2012  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b349628

The one I love was once a mortal
A beautiful sun in my world
She could chase away the darkness
that grew inside me with just a smile
My desire for her become abundant
Desperately I wanted to say " I love you"
But with fear and persecution I was indeed to late
For my love was not who she seemed
In the midst of the darkness that I found myself in
She become like the creatures I swore to hunt
As my duty as a vampire hunter, I killed them
Now she stood before me, the same face I loved
Yet everything is different now
I look into her red eyes, my heart is aching to hold
her still
Curse that wretched monster, who corrupted my love
She reaches out to touch me, and I can only pull away
Can I love the one thing I hate most in this world?
Vampires, the evil beings who killed my family
Her eyes that once always smiled at me  are hollow
She begins to walk away into the shadows
The death bringer, my weapon pointed at her
No, I cannot kill her
Vampire or not,  my heart is placed there inside
her undead chest
Running after her, I pull her close to me
Placing a kiss upon her cold lips, I whisper "I love you"
Once more she smiles at me, baring her fangs
Together we hold each other under the moon
My love once mortal, a child of the sun
Now she is a vampire, the dark queen of my heart
This road of love and blood shall never be easy
Our paths lay entangled yet separated by destiny
Alas regardless of damnation and pain
With her beside me, I am whole at last.


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