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Wolf's blog: "Wolf's"

created on 12/01/2006  |  http://fubar.com/wolf-s/b30134
Ok so i know why i left for awhile there. It looks like fubar still has a list of fucking loosers on here huh. I had posted a MUMM earlier today regarding a feature i had in mind and wanted to get opinions on it, well it seems to be to fucking offensive for some of you idiots out there. So....if my shit is being deleted for no reason i'll give you fuckers something to report. Whoever reported my MUMM step up here and tell me who it was. This shit don't make a difference to me, i don't want to socialize with people like this. I just thought i'd come back, check it out and see if the drama had stopped even just a bit...hahaha who the hell am i kidding. Well mother fuckers that's my rant hahahaha. I'm out of here...


Chow for now...oh yeah and i apologize to those who didn't do anything...it's my little rant.
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