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Georgia Peaches's blog: "My Life"

created on 08/06/2009  |

So this is my life up to date,

So lately my life has been so scattered and stressful, for the last 3 months,


My health is been not so good my cancer is starting to spread up towards my heart so I have been going though chemo and radiation but thank god I got 3 months without it and I have not been losing my hair this time around, also they found 4 wholes in my heart that they are going to fix next month, along with I got the cast off my legs and the brace off my back since my accident and to fill you all in if you did not know 7 months ago I got in a fatal car crash a drunk driver hit me head on going 75 in a 45 my car rolled 4 times after the first time my car rolled I blacked and was in a coma for 3 weeks I also shattered both of my legs and cracked a bone in my back I went through 3 surgeries to fix my legs and I spent 2 months in the hospital I also had to go through rehab to learn how to walk ago and trust me its been a bitch I'm getting really good at walking but I cant stand for more then 3 mins with out falling over and it really hurts to walk I try not to move much cause every time I walk from my bed to the bath room I have to take 3 pain pills but now that the cast are off and I'm home and I'm finally feel good enough to dive again life has become a little better I can finally live life again without hospitals lol.     

Also I have been dealing with a lot of family shit with me and my oldest sister Tammy and her boyfriend Geoff, since he stared causing all this drama between me and Tammy and she only takes his side only because of his money and well we are trying to move on from it I spent a weekend with them along with my man John and my other sister Connie and her husband Chris and it went well with my Tammy and Geoff but like always me and Connie had some problems she tried to tell me how to run my life like always and that I had to be this kind of wife to be her husbands personal bitch and I'm sorry I'm not going to be anyone’s bitch I'm not going to do all the cooking and cleaning and I'm not going to just stay home and live for him no that’s not me I'm marrying a marine come on he’s going to hardly be home and yeah I'm sorry there is going to be someone to do the cooking and to help me do the cleaning because with my health I cant do a lot of cleaning and plus NO ONE wants me to cook I SUCK at cooking naw I'm good I rather not make everyone sick lol and also I'm not just going to be a stay at home wife or mother I have my own life and I'm going to school to be a photographer and I'm also going to be running my own make-up studio. So why do I have to end my life just because I'm getting married? I can still be a good wife and have a life and career, I'm not going to be like my grandmother was and give up my life for my husband, that’s not me that’s her life not mine. But I'm done with that I'm just going to do what I do not want she want me to do.   

And I have found out who my true friends are and well I don't have as many true friends as I thought, LOTS of drama in my group of friends and the no one besides john and Beth and my brothers and sisters had my back, and the people I thought that were my friends just left me hanging after 18 years of being friends, I only got John, My family and my friend Beth and as of now Mike!!! But who gives a fuck I got all I need right here.

Also I have been working on my photography portfolio for college, I started GED classes I go back in the fall to finish my last two test, I finally got my make-up studio open and works going good I love it life is good my career is going good I love working from home.

 I also got to see my beautiful baby girl Natalie she’s got so big! She’s now 6 years old and go she look just like I did when I was her age I spent a whole month with her for the first time since she was 6 months old but her foster family has been really good to her and they are great to me to let me see her when I want and to take her for over nights and everything and that they told her that I'm her real mother and they don’t push calling them mom & dad on her she still don’t but they are ok with that and  she calls me Mommy finally instead of Shaylea yay!!!! Life is good!!!!

AND I went back to my natural hair color golden blonde lol I know I'm a dork but I missed my hair color I got bored with brown hair lol.




And that is my life up to date so I will fill you all in later on after the wedding!!!!





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