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created on 11/13/2008  |

ok so if you could have one wish in this world come true what would it be? and why?

so i noticed someone on my friends list had ripped the picture of my bike that i built  and they now have it in their default album  ,whats up with this ? i can prove to anyone with a live video the bike is sitting in my carport not only that but if you ask sexlady  from shawnee ok  she can tell you the bike belongs to me so why would someone rip my pic and put it in their default?

ok so i was trained not to show emotions this doesnt mean i dont have them ,i just keep them inside until i am alone and then i release in a blast of  primal instinct allowing the emotion to become a tool used to create a stronger outer shell .some people say i dont know how to understand or show emotions but the fact is i was trained all my life not to show them  so am i wrong for using my emotions to wreak havoc on people i consider enemies or should i allow the emotional overload in lfe to consume me and  end up housed in a facility for people who are not safe to be in society

in life they say you dont get to chose your family but for me that isnt true ,my biological family didnt except me for who i am or the things i have done n life but my wifes family they chose to except me and have been more of a family to me then my own .So this last 11 days has been the hardest for me because i had to say goodbye to a true brother .a man that not only never judged me but he said i was good enough for his sister .a man that was a great father to his kids no matter what they did .a man that was a good friend to everyone no matter who they were in life. buck you will be missed but never forgotten!
i rode out of town heading west with nothing on my mind but what was on the road with me,as i rode thru a blanket of stars and a sea of sand i realized all my problems were laying hundreds of miles back and couldnt touch me here.i keep riding and watch as the sun comes over the mountains and notice i am the only one on the road so i crack the throttle a little more bringing her up to 85 and settle back for the ride .as i roll past hills of sand and an occasional animal searching for food i relaize i have been riding for over 13 hrs and i am somewhere in the nevada desert so i begin looking at the horizon for a town or semblance of civilization just then i notice a little station just ahead.i begin gearing down and slowing the bike to a stop next to a set of antique gas pumps and look at the small station and restuarant next to it .just then an ole boy comes strolling out of what looks like the last chance garage and heads towards me with a big grin(i notice thru the dirty gogles he looks like someone out of an old movie with the long beard and dirty cover alls).so i slip off my goggles hanging them on the bars of camelion and brush off some of the road dirt.just then jeb(thats his name turns out)asks if i need some gas and i say yes and ask if there is a place i can wash some of this sand off he points towards the bgarage and says he has a "john round ta side" so i leave him to figure out he cant open my tank and walk off to the bathroom where i wash my face and hands and head back out ,well jeb is still standing there with gas pump in hand waiting so i unlock the cap on camelion and take the pump from him ,he just stands there looking at my bike while i fill up then i give him ten dollars and tell him to keep the change ,then ask if the little diner has anything close to food jeb just smiles a little and says "well it tastes bad but you can live off it" so i head on in for some breakfast .there is a pretty little waitress named loraine waiting on me so i make small talk about how long i been on the road and what i want to eat when ole jeb walks in and says"man that there bike is some peice of work and i tell him thanks and ask about loraine (she has gone in the kitchen to fix my bacon and eggs)he smiles kinda grufly and says "she is a sit eot behold aint she" "yeah i said she looks good to a set of road weary eyes"so jeb tells me not to get my hopes set on her she has worked there for two yrs and he hasnt even been able to get her number .that wasnt a surprise looking at jeb so i sat back and waited for my breakfast ,when loraine brought out my food she asked kinda shyly if that was my bike parked at the station and i said "yes maam" well i ate my breakfast taking the time to admire loraines figure every few minutes and the icey stares from jeb i payed for my meal and thanked loraine for the great breakfast she asked where i was heading ,i stopped and thought for a minute and told her i really didnt have a destination i had just picked a direction and she was amazed that i could do that .i walked back to my bike and pulled out the ole worn road maps i had and looked at where i was and decide which way to head next when i heard loraines voice close behind me .i turned and looked and aske d what she had said "i was sorry i was concentrating on the maps"she said if i would like she could show me where to go next!well this kinda aroused my suspicions but just as i was about to answer jeb comes running out og the garage with a crowbar in his hand ,i ducked his first swing and hit him squarely in the jaw with a right hook that sent him staggering back and asked "what the hell his problem was?" he spit out that he didnt take kindly to some stranger riding in on a fancy amchine and stealing his girl away at which time loraine injected she was never his girl and never would be .this hurt ole jeb more then the punch i think but he wasnt gonna back down so easy so i told him if he wanted to continue his attack i would be happy to feed im the few teeth he had left. he slowly thought about that a minute and said" well then just get on outta here" so i swung my leg over camelion and kicked her over reached for my goggles when i realized loraine had straddled my bike as well and was now clinging to my waste .jeb yelled some profanity and told loraine to get off the bike to which she just flipped him off and said she quit ,so i kicked camelion into gear and left jeb standing in a shower of sand and gravel as i left the station nad hit the main road .i rode for about ten minutes till we cmae to an intersection and i looked over my shoulder and asked loraine which wat her place was,she smiled and said "its that way but lets go that way"well i turned the bike in the direction she suggested and we rode off ito the sun
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