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heartsDesihearts's blog: "~My Life~"

created on 04/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-life/b204409
I've had so many new things happening in my life it would take forever to type it all.... I am currently enrolled in Photography classes, after completion I will have a certificate for Photography .... I have recently enrolled to The University of Pheonix to earn an Associates Degree in Business.... Which I'm thinking about following up with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design.... I've found out sooo much good news today that has made my day just totally estatic.... My student loan for the Associates Degree was granted.... My Pell Grant was also granted !!!! The good thing about the grant is that I do not have to use it to pay for my schooling, so NEW CAR HERE I COME !!!!! I ended up not moving to Virginia But as soon as I finish my Associates Degree Im getting the hell out of this town.... Not really sure where Im going but Im going to leave everything that doesnt matter behind.... No furnaiture (except maybe my bed because I love my bed), No problems, No drama, and no fucked up FAMILY !!!! Today I also went to get a protective order against my cousin Brady (the one who was going to steal my camera) and it was granted.... I had went up there Friday but didnt have enough time to fully fill out the paper work, so I went up there this morning and finished.... Im so glad the order was granted due to my cousin harassing my phone, breaking into my sheds, and letting my dogs out of my back yard.... Due to all the drama he has been causing me I went and got a new Rottweiler puppy.... He is 3 months old.... He is so gorgouse.... Unlike my Redbones he will not know anyone other then those living in my household.... When this puppy gets a few months older lets see if he can come break into my shed's then.... I also found out that Brady has 11 felonies pending against him that he has not been to court over yet.... WOW !!! What a loser.... Well besides all the drama he has been causing me, my life has been going great.... Im not about to let him bring me down to his level.... After all he has nothing to lose.... No job, no car, no electric, no gas, and as far as I'm concerned no LIFE....
Well, I just found out today that my younger two childrens father was hit by a truck.... This happened last Friday, and it almost killed him.... They first didnt think he was going to make it, well he pulled through and they thought he was going to be paralized for the rest of his life..... Well he called me today and I just found out about the whole thing..... He isn't paralized but he can not walk right now, he has to go through extensive physical therapy before he can walk again.... Reguardless of all the bad things he done to me, I felt really bad for him.... I may not be in love with him but I do still care about him..... I was disappointed that no one in his family called me to let me know anything, exspecially seeing how I have two children by him.... I really felt that this was something I should have known.... My life is changing in so many ways, some for the good of it, but some not so good..... April 9th my aunt is coming here from Virginia and I am going back with her, Ive had so much shit happening lately that I just need to get away.... I am going there for two weeks and while Im there I will be deciding weather or not I will be moving there permanetly.... Im not quite sure weather or not this is a good or bad thing.... Getting away for two weeks is definately going to be a good thing.... Its the moving Im a bit nervouse about.... I've visited places outside my home town but never really lived anywhere else.... My oldest daughters dad is supportive of me moving, but my youngest two's father ask me not to go.... Now I dont know if this is because he's still in love with me or because of the current situation....
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