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Topnotch's blog: "My life"

created on 04/03/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-life/b203943
I think that some ppl have just gone off the deep end... For me instance i cant stand this place we call home. It drives me insane.. I'm in my own personal hell of debt, unemployment and suffering. dont get me wrong I know pity is a great sin of some sort but how much can you take before it all comes crashin down? You know ppl push you towards greatness trying to help you giving words of inspiration and encouragement. Did they ever think to just leave you be, maybe its them who torments your very being, maybe its them who makes you feel the guilt of why you can't succedd, maybe its them you feel this endless guilt for you try so hard and the look on theere faces of utter dissapointment digs deep into your flesh.I hate to feel sorry for myself I only have me to blame for every choice im ever made, but when does it get better... When do tings change.. cause if this is what is classified as life.. I don't want no part of it !!!!!
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13 years ago
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