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Lets see where to begin...all this in a nutshell. As crazy as things are lets go back way back. Way back to a story when I knew this cat called slim and his love life and the story of his relationships of good and bad. as crazy as it seems its all true minus the names and some stuff left out not to bore or over-excite Chapter 1 Once upon a time in a little suburb of Detroit City there was this cat..we will call him, IDK SLIM. Well Slim ended up hooking up with this lady at the time that he thought was a bombshell. We will call this bombshell FER for now. Now there was sort of a problem, he was 20 turning 21 and she was still in school and only 17. but he took a chance even though it could effect his work enviroment. they kept it undercover for a bit, due to other circumstances. Everything seemed to work out though and they were happy. Well they spent alot of time together hard times and good, alot more good then bad. Well Slim decided to propose to this bombshell and spend rest of his life with her. WOW could things be so good. Then along came news that there was a tidy blessing in disguise coming. We will call this lil' tike Wolverine. Things could not of been better as said previous. Moved out together starting that long life and American Dream. who could want more, great job a happy relationship and a house to call HOME. This was all new to both Slim & FER but they were both willing to make it work. a little rushed but it could work. Well something went sour. supposedly there was cheating involved but not quite sure, but if there was it wasnt on the end of Slim's but things were forgivable. Well they still split regardless. Well it was very hard on Slim. I mean hard he fell, it was like falling of a 20 story building and belly flopping on the concrete. I mean to the point he didnt think or want to love anyone again. This was also the first time he cried in approx 6 yrs. Well Time heals all wounds and that it did. Put it this way alot of hateful and mean things were done and said at this point from both ends. Shoot I even heard SLIM acted out because of being so heartbroken. What was he supposed to do, it was 4 yrs of wasted time in his eyes that he wanted every minute back if he could. So whats a person to do he dates and falls on the rebound. thats exactley what SLIM did from what I gathered. He ended up hooking up with a few people here n there but never filled that void or hole so to speak. 1 of the ladies he hooked up with for the 1st time despite what FER or others seemed to think or believe, was a friend, that he ran into. So he did the hospitable thing and invited her n friends to a party. Him and this friend who was also on the rebound decided why not for shits n giggles, since everyone thought they did anyhow. Even though THEY NEVER DID AT THIS POINT. ( more bout this lady in chapter 2). He actually wanted her friend and vice versa. and they hooked up an a BET of "I BET YOU WONT DO IT, I BET YOU WONT DO IT" type thing. well they hooked up it was nice, but not what either of them wanted at the time. they were still the good friends as always. and it was a 1 time deal at this point a rebound and lonely kind of thing. basically 1 of those things that had to be done once if never done again. He looked for a chance to open that door of salvation to get back in good graces, But found none. Slim & FER got together again briefly but all of a sudden it was off again. this was probally more crushing then the 1st time mainly cuz there was no reason cept to be used as a fluke. His hope soared high then fell rock bottom and had no reason why. Except he told a few friends that he was getting back together..He also found out a friend of his had hooked up with her. that was also crushing that goes back to the cheating, cuz never did he think that would happen nor did he ever do it to her. Well with this crushing blow he decided from a few friends Advice, test the waters. So guess what my friend SLIM did, exactley that. He had numerous encounters, still not finding the right one. He figured it was what they do to him is crush and break his heart, so why give them the chance. he will just date. Well during this encounter he did find someone, but that someone had a boyfriend at the time. and they played the stupid game of cat n mouse. CHAPTER 2 Well Him and this lady that he played cat n mouse with finally hooked up after a long 3-4 yr interval of SLIM being single. This also happens to be the for girl mentioned earlier. They decided that hey if we can be friends why not be lovers. we will call this this piece of elegance MARIE. well Slim & Marie still played that game of together not together. but settled down finally. Things seemed to be on an upswing. they both figured since the realtions that they had when they first encountered each other just as friends went sour maybe this was a sign of wolf in sheeps clothing. since both were accused of something that never occured. Funny I know, bet parties mentioned are laughing now and feel stupid cuz I can say they lost the 2 best things ever, works out in SLIM & MARIE's favor though. Well they went together for a few years. Then they decided to be the knit package that everyone dreams about. Well they got engaged, and things could not be better. Even moved in together. Families accepting and making the steps toward life in bliss together. Well then they decided to split and Slim broke things off. They decided to talk and still be together but not together. There was alot of activity of this. alot of heartaches n tears on both ends. But none-the-less they were still a couple. They decided after the on and off again scenario, they were what they wanted. So they thought. She lived on her own he lived at his place. but most of time they were staying with each other at someones house. They even moved in again for a 2nd time...that was a bad idea. Things were done but always forgiven. Why I'm not sure but they were I think it was a lonely and a friend thing more then anything cuz thats what was feared most was losing a friend of over 10 yrs at this point. This Elegance meant the world to Slim in more ways then he could ever express. He was happy for most part. Well what he thought was happiness was just settling. The same went for Marie. during this stint of going back and forth and experimenting to put it gently. Things did not work out. both sought after greener pastures. there was a tendecy of unfaithfullness like the DIANE LANE movie. and it wasnt so much on Slim's part so I heard. partially cuz Slim didnt want to commit for the reasons that later came true. Marie ended up finding someone new and her and Slim decided to part ways. But they still are friends to this day even though there was alot of heartbreak in that aswell. Slim decided to give up on LOVE and decided to lead a life of solitude at this point. Chapter 2 was short cuz really there isnt more details you need to know thats a different blog maybe. Chapter 3 Well during this time Slim decided that his first 2 loves ( you only get 3 great ones in life) had already came and gone like dust in the wind. he didnt want to even try a 3rd. since his hard was crushed from the 1st 2 why even open his heart to a 3rd to see this open all again. Funny how things work and when Love hits you it hits you. Well after a year or so of being alone and talking to different applicants, none made this cat happy. Well one october day, he stumbled into this convo with this pure beauty and Goddess. her name was DALE. wow is all he could say. so he befriended her, just as that not thinking of anything more. mainly because the scenario didnt seem to fit his life. See Dale lived in another state as Slim. They had alot in common though and they talk for hours bout the rebound and tough relationships they had been in and out of. They hit it off but neither of them thought of anything more then that but converstation. Slim and his babydoll Dale have visited each other a numerous times and met friends and family and both are accepting. its nice to see something good come to both these peoples lives and for them to move on. Basically this is Slim's 3rd love and last chance in his eyes. But he knows that this is the supreme goddess that will ever make him smile. its the essence of her voice and beauty that makes him work for what they can have together. He knows that it will happen and they will be a whole and all pieces of the puzzle with fit in place. March is coming and he will be settled and all steps lead to the mountains with no more hills to climb. Well converstaions and hours later it turned into something. and glad it did. now both these people live with smiles on there faces with plans to make it work and be together intertwined as one. with little complications along the way they will be together. Slim and his goddess or Babydoll DALE have decided after over 1 yr of talking they would take they would take the next step and move together. they even discussed that "M" word being marriage...updates for that (july29,2009). and boy are those the juicy details Chapter 4 Moral of this story with alot of the juicy details left out.....LADIES/GUYS wonder why people end up being PLAYAS the above will show you. Its usually because of broken hearts. but with broken hearts comes alot of misery. but in the end There is a soulmate that makes everyone happy, be lucky if you get to experience that. People want to say stuff and accuse, thats fine. Want to get mad because someone found happiness. Well if you are the ONE that broke there HEART, well then dont get mad. they eventually have to find happiness, they cant leave there life on hold for you. YOU found happiness. then expect someone else to do the same, Such as SLIM DID. he found happiness not because he wanted to search for it, he had it twice before, but due to curcumstances. he had to look elsewhere and found it. Dont be mad because someone like him found it, when you yourself had it. he was put in the position to go find it **DISCALIMER** names were changed and scenarios left out to protect innocence. if you feel offended or feel something is missing..guess what its the story of SLIM get your own story. and im sure more updates will come.
PLEASE READ SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU JUDGE!!! Well Let me go out on a strange limb and just state this PEOPLES OPINIONS are there very own not mine unless stated or written by me. Just because I post your comment or better yet respond to your comment dosent mean I feel or those thoughts are my expressions I write to write and get my point my views and thoughts out, don't like what you see then don't read it. Look I speak my mind cuz I have that right and choice. I never directed anything I said or wrote on here or anyywhere else to be taken so far or in offense to anyone. I feel that some of the things I said or responded to may have had more of an effect on some more then others and I want to go on record saying I apologize for not clarifying things. I never wanted it to be an attack on any one person or subject matter. I appreciate everyone you decides to read and put thought into responding......BUT again it was a general thought by me and it was always to serve a bigger purpose. Look all I can say is I appreciate and am sorry and am lost at times. All in all Im gonna do what I want regardless of what people say or think. I dont want to call out any paticular event or person, even though pissed but all I can say is I am sorry and I want things to work out for the best. 2 wrongs never make a right, so if I am stuck in the left turn lane the rest of my life then so be it. I know what really is in my life everyone else is just outsiders looking in, take the time to read the page and take notes....Sometimes things get recycled and reused does not mean they ever lose there meaning or feeling, if that was the case the the words "I LOVE YOU" lost there purpose way back in middle school. I take care of my responsabilities what you dont see but think could be wrong reopen your eyes. well all I know is all I ask for is not to be judged or cticized but just let me be me and respect my decions and choices whatever or whoever they are with or towards. this is hopefully where it gets deep We can sneak into our live with undistrubed thoughts over the perfect things to say and then just choke on the words. Well every one feels like giving me there 2 cents but noone ever has change for a dollar. I have come to find out I might not be right in the mind , wait a minute I am fine....Im just not fucking blind anymore. If I locked my self in my mind then would I have a closet to clean. well these words I write are that for me. I have looked for the key to unlock the seed but lost the whole damn thing. You ever feel like you know where and what everything exactly is but you just dont want to SEE? Look I have messed things up alot along my journey into life you know what everyone does. If you really think I did something to you I did. but you also did something to me. GUESS WHAT thats what friends do they FUCK UP, and wow thats why you forgive discuss and get over it. I understand people move on take there own adventures and are happy so be it. I have hung up all my past aggresions and moved on from shit along time ago as well as others. I have no chip on my shoulders nor should I but if I did it would be chocolate or chips AHOY. basically this all comes down to I will keep certain people around and keep my thoughts and opinions of them in high regards, it dont matter what other people think I THINK 4 MYSELF everything after that is a thought. Look Im not gonna risk 13 yrs or even what i can say 3 yrs or even 3 months over stupid BS just cuz other have been pissed off or hate way things are. I DO MY OWN THING for ME yes thats right I SAID ME. If you choose to distance yourself from me or go seperate ways cuz my opinion doesnt reflect your or is against the grain then do it now n let me know. I will always have differences with people FRIENDS ALWAYS DO....but TRUE n I mean TRUE friends Always work thru those differences and stick by your side.....Like I said I just want not to be criticized or judged but acknowledged for my efforts and accomplisments and praised and given support in my roads n paths I follow....LOOK IM OVER ALOT OF THINGS BUT BUT BUT I do want to keep some of my past close to me because it helped make me the person I am today and means more a shitload to me and If others cant accept it OH WELL then let me speak bout your decisions...cuz half the time they arent any better. Well hopefully this all helps Dont ever be anyones Slogan, because we are all poetry!!!! question for everyone I have is do want brand new shit or fix what you have?
OK this goes out to everyone and anyone that reads myy blogs yes everyone in the free world is allowed to comment friends and non-friends so please feel free When I decide to write a blog or post something else it is exactley that. If you take offense to it then so be it. It usually means Im venting or something and its not usually at any 1 person but a group as a whole. People then are entitled to assume what they want or say what they feel. If you read something into what I write then thats what you take from it. But to think bout it again if you really think I put that much effort to single you out or a group out then maybe I needed to get something off my chest at that moment and share with the world. Last time I checked this was MY BLOG n MYSPACE/ MYPLACE/ MYWASTE so I am entitled to post and say wwhat I want when I want its almost like my own personal Journal. So quit thinking that everything is bout you maybe things I post are actually bout wouldnt that be a wierd coincidence. So if someone posts a comment cool I take everything in regards and respond in my own manner. EVERYONE READS AND MAKES THERE OWN ASSUMPTIONS FROM EVERYTHING good but dont jump down my throat and yell at me because of what others think or say...IF IT DIDNT COME OUT OF MY MOUTH then it wasntt my thought. IF you are worried that something is about you then dont read it, if your easily offended then dont read my shit, Im sorry I dont wear my emotions on my sleeve very well and I need some release. I do it the best way I know how. I read I write I think and guess what I share and if this is the way I choose to do it then let it be. I figure its the best way to get my point across and share my thoughts and meanings with a general population all at once not just 1 friend at a time. Not everything I do or say is to take a jab at anyone inpaticular or to jab at them in some sick demented twisted way. Just cuz you think you know you have no idea, get it straight dont get it twisted. so please speak you mind say what you want feel what you think this was for me to put people in there place if you dont like it OH F"N WELL not the first time I pissed off a group of people or person's at once.
BEST FRIENDS What is the true meaning of best friends and the meaning they have on ones life. is a best friend as equivalent and possibly the same and equal to the love of your life, or is it just someone who knows you so well they sometimes even know you better then your own self. can the 2 be the same or different ITS funny I remember how there was those days we could sit on the phone for hours with nothing to say but it meant so much. Those days when we would run and ask each other for advice for our lives regardless the situation. Those days when just a phone call to say HI, how are you, what you up to was the best feeling. I remember when we would go out of our ways to hang out and chill just because we liked each others companies. Those moments when things were bad and felt like crawling into a hole you knew the right thing to say to cheer me up and make me smile. In moments of weakness you would crack a laugh when i would say those random silly useless comments. Well all that has been washed away and gone our seperate ways. Boy how I remember those days and how I lobg for and miss them. But now things seem so Tainted and our roads have gone in seperate directions. maybe eventually the paths will cross again becuase I honestly miss those days. Well the way I look at things I am still here, I am just waiting for things to run there course pretty much. Well If anyone runs across this person please let me know because I believe there is a post in the lost n found. WEll I have had alot of friends and a few that could be called close enough to be best I have met some new people and friends that have transpired into something more then I would have ever expected I have also had some friends shut out of my life because of drama and stabbing and deciet. I have also found out that some people who I thought were my friends and close were not. But then again there were others that I wasn't close to before have changed and showed your true colors and opened up to. I can honestly say over this course of changing period I am glad that I am surrounded by the group of friends that I associate with compared to the ones I used to. Alot have left my life for what reasons they chose, others have exited becuase I chose not to associate with them as much for reasons i just dont feel neccesary Some people that I thought meant the world to me in so many different ways as my BEST friend seemed to hurt and destroy me more than anyone could imagine. The one person I thought would stick by my side and help me in any turmoil I was facing was the one that caused me part of it. I understand that sometimes people lie to protect others feelings, shit I have done that myself. But to lie and decieve on purpose knowing this person would find out the truth and the pain it would cause is ridiculous. Even when the truth comes out they stick to the lie because they believe it. A friend I thought was to look out for the best interests of the other friend. Whats even worse is that the other person cant even admit the wrongs to make them right. I really did believe in this person and this person was the one that I wanted around til the end of time as a friend but with circumstances i am not sure anymore. I thought that person was the realest person and the most honest truthful person I knew and that I could honestly count on for anything and everything. Well you live and you learn I guess, not everything is always what it seems and well I have learned. Chalk it up as another chapter in my book of life. I also found out a leopard does not change its spots. For whatever reason it is they have showed there true colors and what type of person they are or can be. Even when drama came around there was a way to fix and solve and work its way around. Well way things are is that people believe what they want and see things for how they are. Some people dont realize what others do or even did for them until its a day late n a dollar short. They can see what they want think how they want to think but the truth of the matter is what it really is so that is how it should really be. Friends are the ones that make the effort or attempt to bend over backwards to try to help you with issues or problems when you need help. Well what's done is done. I have lived my life without regrets and I don't plan on changing my morals or outlook now for any person. If I am to be criticized or talked about then so be it. Doesnt make me think anymore or any less then you. In fact I am asking you to it just makes me famous and that thought that I matter enough like once before if at all puts a little smirk n grin on my face. well if you feel you may have been affected or this makes you think bout a friend or something you possibly have done then good it probally should have. Remember this was to make you think and to realize that just because you messed up there are ways to fix it, friends are there to be your friends, we all fuck up and all it usually takes is a sorry to fix it. Dont wait though because sometimes those GAPS in the bridge do nothing but get bigger.
WELL ITS THAT INFAMOUS TIME FOR AN UPDATE hello all it me lot has happened over the course of a year... I have cleaned up my act alot.....I quit drinking for most part yes i said it quit drinking I thought I was having a new addition to Family well that didnt happen(TAKE IT FOR WHAT ITS WORTH) Also met alot of new friends in the wierdest of places ALSO FOUND SOME FRIENDS ARENT REALLY THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM found some old friends met some new thanks for that to help me keep me SANE almost went to JAIL ( if you dont know better recognize) Also found out just cuz people say shit to your face doesnt mean its always true. found that out the hard way and in long run if you really think I care or you need to lie and decieve then good so be it, I know where I stand with you and you will eventually know where you stand with me who really wins. I have learned I FUCK up just like any other human but also know where my mistakes are and try to make ammends and fix them and have and trying to set things right with whoever I need. But at same time I need to grow not only as a person but as a human. if you dont let me know IM WRONG how am I suppose to grow. Well now that Jail, Kids, friendship have been discussed lets move on step 2 i have the best job in the world at moment I am learning to be a great chef from 2 top notch chefs, and not only that they escort me around, ye the hours suck 3pm - 11 pm but oh welll with those hours it keeps me out of trouble and thats a good thing 9 months to go and Im a free man... out of goverment trouble and DAM THE MAN also LOVE HAS BEEN LOST but found again so good for me right....hold on a second thats 2 good to be true yes there is some slight issues with that as well and will not be discussed in this BLOG any ways usually I bitch n complain so maybe i should a little.....heres my FUCK YOU SHOUT OUTS FUCK YOU if you dont like me, FUCK YOU if you want to HURT me n screw me over, FUCK YOU if you LIE CHEAT OR STEAL, FUCK YOU if you dont like me improving my stature Ok enough I stood up in my best friends wedding and yes I wore PINK but you know what it was all worth it to see him get married and my date was phenominal so was the rest of the wedding party, I have come to the conclusins that sometimes things are not what they seem and i should just remain that. other then tthat things are good, actually better then good and going towards better. I just cant wait to see the path that has been layed out for me and the direction that I take from this point I believe tthats enough of an update for now so we will leave the rest for a part 2
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