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well i thought i could get some where with this cps case...everytime we feel things are getting better they fall worse..i was supposed to be at the doctors with my tristan and i get there just about 2 o'clock...and my ex mother in law is already there with him and the doctor is already halfway done...no one waited for me and i never got the chance to sign for him..i am sick and tired of being treated like the piece of shit parent here...i am sitting here trying to see through my tears and hurting sooooooooooooo much...i miss my babies..and all everyone wants to do is tear my family apart...I JUST WANT MY KIDS BACK..WHY IS THAT SO FUCKING HARD TO GET THROUGH TOPEOPLE????ESPECIALLY TO THE ONES WHO GOT THEM REMOVED FROM ME IN THE FIRST PLACE...THEY DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THE CRYING I DO BECAUSE I MISS MY KIDS...I AM STRUGGLING TO JUMP THROUGH THE HOOPS THAT CPS WNTS US TO JUMP THROUGH..WHY DO PEOPLE WANT TO TAKE MY KIDS???...ARE THEY TOOOOOOOOO CHICKEN SHIT TO HAVE THEIR OWN OR JUST VOLUNTEER TO WORK WITH THEM OR SOMETHING JUST DO NOT LIE TO GET MINE...
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