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Big Wyll's blog: "My Kids"

created on 04/08/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-kids/b205512
I guess I just feel like venting to fubar about my kids. I am a proud father of two girls My oldest daughter’s name is Khyanni and my youngest is Jazmine. I’m really happy I have two girls. I look at it as my opportunity to perfect the female race. If I raise them right they will think like a man and at the same time rid themselves of typical female craziness. You can laugh now but I’m serious. Khyanni is 8 years old this year and is my handicapped child. She is autistic and mentally retarded. I figure it’s all my fault because I told God on the day of her delivery that I could not handle a handicapped child. I even ask the nurse to count her fingers and toes twice to make sure they were all there. God had something else instore for me and I am grateful for the hard learned lesson. Khyanni is very smart even though she is diagnosed retarted. She didn’t learn to crawl until she was two, and didn’t learn to walk until she was five. But by the age of six she could program my Tivo to record all of her cartoons. She watches more sports than I do. She loves football, nascar, basketball, and hockey. Khyanni cannot talk but she uses sign language to communicate. And she is not potty trained. So I have been changing her diapers for 8 years. Her therapist says she isn’t ready. I think she’s realized the benefits of a diaper, and won’t give it up. Khyanni is my little angel who help me understand who’s the boss in my life. Our best times together are watching the dallas cowboys play and singing nursery rhyme at bath time. If you can’t me on xbox live she is the little girl laughing hysterically every time I die. Jazmine is 5 years old going on 30. She is shy around strangers but once you have been introduced she’s your best friend. She was born a mommy, so she is always trying to be the adult in every situation. Whether it’s bossing around the kids in school or telling daddy he shouldn’t drive so fast because it isn’t safe, she always something to say that makes me think she’s been here before. Jazmine is my tomboy/princess all wrapped up in one. She’d love to climb a tree in a Sunday dress with a tiara. Jazmine is a great student because she want to be right all the time. I consider that a blessing because she is willing to learn. Our best time together is doing her homework (Because after she learns something difficult she always give me a hug to say thank you for your help) and bedtime stories.
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