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KOZMO's blog: "By Chance"

created on 11/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/by-chance/b257042
Speckled stars And moon lit skies Iím here alone And my heart cries Your true feelings For me I donít know Keeping them hidden Not letting them show I wish I could read minds Then maybe I would see The thoughts you keep hidden That you truly love me I have seen love In your eyes Yet Iím here alone So my heart cries Sometimes I wonder What thoughts you have of me Do they make you smile What can they be Like the feelings you had From our first gentle kiss Or the warm of a hug Do you really miss Our bond is real Us together it ties Yet Iím here alone So my heart cries Have you ever thought Of a life together Being there for each other No matter the weather Supporting each other In all that we do Comforting each other With a love so true Keeping no secrets Telling no lies Yet Iím here alone So my heart cries I just want to love you The way that you dream Making you smile And your eyes gleam Loving your for eternity On a whole new plane Cherishing your love Never taking it in vain Youíve seen I am different Than most other guys Yet Iím still alone So my heart cries You know I am honest Real and true You know baby I love you Your love I wait for Hoping it never dies So for now, I wait alone Yet my heart still cries Written for and inspired by Untamable
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