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Wicked's blog: "My Harem"

created on 07/03/2009  |  http://fubar.com/my-harem/b302193

My Harem

I have been gone for 4 days so I figure instead of repeating the story 10 times ill just blog it ....

on a side note:

WHO BOUGHT ALL MY BISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This weekend was a long weekend in Canada, don't ask me which one I dint pay much attention to the names, anyways John was gone for the weekend so I decided it would be a great idea to debachelorize Jeff's house......

There's something to be said about a man and his Bachelor ways,

Non Matching furniture

Decepticon posters

Hockey memorabilia

Garage full of other peoples shit

White walls

Needless to say, I went in like a hurricane, we scraped stipple of the ceiling painted in colours other then white... Jeff let me loose in Home Depot. I painted a fireplace walls, cabinets and counter tops. All the time Jeff just smile politely and paid.

I think it was somewhere between me commenting on buying a new stove and adding a shoe closet that something snapped.....

Jeff realized that his safe haven where he could run to when he had enough of girl land was now turning into that which he was escaping from.. The "game room" had suddenly turned into a cozy sitting groom..... His life was changing and I was the driving force of that change.... Its a sad moment in life when a man realizes he is walking away from his "bachelor lifestyle" and i feel for Jeff he jumped into the single moms life and he held on.

I realizing that this was a moment in Jeff's life where he just needed a few minutes by himself, left him in his beat up torn leather( i think ) reclining chair with his decepticon poster and his star wars blanky to have a moment together.

Then I told him all his stuff should kind of just be moved.... to the dump

I also went horseback riding.. my legs are sore.



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