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My Granny She’s my hero. She is the strongest woman I’ve ever met I’ve seen her fighting mad, When she felt some wrong had been done I’ve seen her smile light up a room, When her family gathers near I have felt her love wrapping around me, Like a warm, safe blanket. I felt her steady hand guiding me, teaching me. Even pushing me now and then. I have felt the sting of her disappointment When I’d done something she disapproved of. I’ve felt the pain that made her weep. I prayed to God to take her, if that would ease her pain. I’ve felt her sadness, When she could no longer do. I’ve felt her weariness, When the pain weighed heavy on her. I’ve felt her pride, When I’ve done something she approved of. I’ve seen her tenacity, When she was trying to convince me that I was special I’ve felt her joy, When I finally believed her. I’ve seen her ornery streak, Few knew it was a mile wide. All these things make up the one person in this world, that I truly admire. Despite what I’ve written, words cannot express the way I feel about my Grandma. I guess, the closest I can come, is to say I adore her. She saved my life, When I did not think my life was worth saving. She sat me in front of a mirror, every day for a year, And made me tell myself that I was special, and why. She said “Girl, God made you! God does not make anything that is worthless. So, see, you have worth. You have purpose. You are special, because God made you!”
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