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some of you remember a few days ago i posted about my friends ex wife and her kids.. the infants were found dead and the man accused of this horrific crime is now being sentenced. (he was the twins father) this is terrible and if any of you would like to send donations, there will be an address at the bottom where they can be sent. here is the story, on the bottom ill leave a link so u can watch the news video... Baraboo: The father of infant twins found dead Sunday night has now been charged with their murders. According to the criminal complaint the twins died from non-accidental multiple acute blunt force traumas. Police now say the 5 week old twins Savannah and Tyler were staying with their father David Yates last weekend. When their mother -Susan Winbun- came to pick them up on Sunday no one answered the door at Yates' home. Eventually the mother called police and they entered the condo through the patio door. The criminal complaint says inside they found David Yates lying on his bed. At first Yates told police he had dropped the twins off at a friend's homebut then Yates was removed from the condo and police began looking for the children. The officer saw a single infant foot sticking out from under the dust ruffle on Yates' bed. The complaint says the babies were nearly stacked on top of each other under the bed. They were both dead. According to the preliminary autopsy Savannah and Tyler each suffered blunt force brain injuries, with multiple bruises all over their heads and scrapes all over their bodies. In addition, Savannah suffered a skulll fracture and Tyler suffered a broken foot. Paul Polacek is the attorney for David Yates. He is concerned Yates is not getting his proper medication. Polacek would not say what medication Yates should be on, but he says it is for behavioral issues. Yates has been in custody since Sunday night and Polacek says he doesn't think Yates received his medication either in the hospital or now that he's been transferred to the county jail. Polacek says he wants to know if the medication was withheld by police in the hopes of getting an incriminating statement. He says if that's the case he would hope to get those statements thrown out in court. Polacek would not comment on the details of the case, but we asked him how his client was doing. "That depends on what you're asking. Physically-not good. Emotionally-not good. Psychologically-even worse." Polacek says he will be filing a motion Thursday to have the court order the police department to put David Yates back on his medication. Yates is expected to be in Sauk County Court Thursday for a bail hearing. here is the link : http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/17668004.html here is the link to MY profile so u can leave any messages for my friend and his ex wife and the loss of the babies... remember my friend john is NOT the guy they have in custody... broken_hearted420 proud bbw

@ fubar i have been saving ALL comments for my friend jon.. so please send them to me, so i can screen shot them for the family... here is the info where to send the donations and real sympathy cards if u want to do that DONATIONS ARE BEING EXCEPTED TO HELP PAY FOR THE FUNERAL WHICH WILL COST OVER 5000 BUCKS! PLEASE SEND ANY DONATIONS TO IN CARE OF SUSAN WINBUN 4 SOUTH CENTER ST BARABOO WI 53913
one of my very good friends called me tonight to tell me his exwifes 2 new twins had been MURDERED! i will copy and paste the story for you here... and also the link to the actual news page.. please say a prayer for the babies and my friends ex wife. he says his kids were not there at the time but it is a big lost for all those concerned. here is the story from baraboo wisconsin: Baraboo: Baraboo Police were called to a home on Lake Street Sunday night. Police say someone had called and asked them to check on the welfare of 45 year old David Yates and his two infant children, 5 week old twins Savannah and Tyler. When police arrived nobody answered the door. "Eventually the officers peered into the home and later gained information that they made the decision to go inside and make sure everybody was ok inside," says Lt. Rob Sinden. Police found David Yates lying in bed. "A subsequent search following contacting Mr. Yates, located the two infants, unfortunately deceased," says Lt. Sinden. Yates is now in custody on a probation hold, and the deaths are being called suspicious. "It is absolutely suspicious that both of these infants would be found deceased," says Lt. Sinden. The house was processed by the State Crime Lab, and Lt. Sinden says it was not an easy job. "When something like this is found, it's a very traumatic event." Neighbor Jeff Brescia says he didn't know Yates very well, but he couldn't believe the twins were dead. "Shocked. Flat out shocked that that would happen. Two innocent little kids." Yates was no stranger to police. "We have had contact with him on prior occasions," says Lt. Sinden. "I saw cop cars out there numerous times," says Brescia. David Yates was arrested for domestic battery last fall and convicted of domestic abuse-disorderly conduct in February. According to court records Yates got into an argument with his pregnant girlfriend, Susan Bird-Winbun. Yates hit her, slapped her and choked her. Yates was sentenced to 12 months in jail, but the sentence was withheld on the condition he receive anger management counseling. Less than a month after his conviction Susan Bird-Winbun gave birth to the twins. Her ex-husband has confirmed to NBC 15 those children are now dead. An autopsy on the twins was being performed today in Madison. The coroner has not yet released a cause of death. here is the link: http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/17668004.html now my friend was married to the mother of these babies.. he is not the father of the twins but has 2 children w/ the mother. John is not on fubar but if u would like to send any luv to him u can do so by sending to my fubar and i will make sure he gets everything...(ie emails or prayers..) i do not have any pictures of the babies yet, but i will see what i can do about getting them.. he really did not want to talk right now and he just gave me the link right now... its all i could get outta him at this point... watch my blogs and ill post anything i may hear on this... DONATIONS ARE BEING EXCEPTED TO HELP PAY FOR THE FUNERAL WHICH WILL COST OVER 5000 BUCKS! PLEASE SEND ANY DONATIONS TO IN CARE OF SUSAN WINBUN 4 SOUTH CENTER ST BARABOO WI 53913
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