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Chapter 1 A young girl of only the age of sixteen or so lay in the snow bloody and broken. She could hear the predators of the forest getting closer to her location following her scent. She whimpered in pain and begged for death to take her before they got there. Her death now would be painless compared to that of being eaten alive. She heard a crash in the bushes near her and screamed. A huge pony sized wolf came out his eyes burning with amber fire. She heard more coming and fought pushing herself under a rock ledge that was close to the ground. Her leg burned from being crushed in the jaws of the beasts that had attacked her. Her ribs were broken and she was coughing up blood. Moving had punctured something else within as things went hazy. She felt the wolf clamp down on her arm and screamed in pain and terror. Her screams echoed through the night reaching the ears of an unlikely savior. Drystan Emrys was returning to his estate after helping allies in a nearby city fend off enemies. The battle had been long and brutal. It seemed that a demon and vampire had joined forces attacking the city along with the shapeshifters that was the vampires animal in arms. Skylai a powerful Vampire had grown in strength and numbers. It had been a bloodbath. The lions in question had no choice but to obey her and many fell in battle rather than to attack the innocent people of the city. Now the witch had a demon that went by nothing more than Matika to aid her. He sighed remembering the smell of blood, smoke and rotting corpses. He was almost home when he heard a scream. He growled his eyes bleeding to a deep dark forest green...endless voids you could almost get lost in. His wings ripped from his back sending flesh and blood flying into the pristine snow. Drystan's power roared through the night as he got closer and saw a group of animals attacking a young girl. Rage ripped through him as he landed. His wings retreated into his flesh but his claws ripped through his fingers. He grabbed the wolf that was attacking the girl and dug claws into it's back crushing his spine. In the same instant is other claws tore into it's throat tearing it out and severing the head. He leaped between the girl and another wolf a low dangerous growl escaping his throat. It seemed to rumble and vibrate as the other wolves and strangely a lion coward in fear. They groveled submissively and tucked tail running. All but one that is. Carys felt herself jerked out from under the ledge and she didn't even have the voice to scream anymore. She was so weak and near death. She closed her eyes welcoming death. In the next moment she was falling and hit the ground. Howls, screams and growls erupted along with the gurgled sounds of death. She opened her eyes for a moment as a man....if you could call him that ....stepped between her and the beasts. Her eyes trailed lazily over the scene before darkness swept her under. Another stepped through the dense forest underbrush, his yes burned like crimson, his mouth full of jagged sharp teeth. Scales of different browns and greens ran over his body. His tongue forked out and a hiss rang into the night. His foul breath could be smelled even at this distance. Drystan growled as the lizard man moved towards him at a blinding speed. Before he could move the creatures talons ripped into his side spilling his blood onto the ground. Drystan let out a roar that reverberated in the wind and he turned as the lizard rushed him again. Drystan knew that he had to at least injure the beast or both he and the girl were dead. Drystan’s claws grew even more and when the creature in question his him they sank into the soft belly of his opponent. The screams were almost deafening as the creature leaped off of him. Hot blood coated both of them. The lizard man let out an angry and pain filled roar before he spoke. “Drystan you can not save all, she will get what she wants, no one… not even you can stop her.” Drystan sneered at the creature and let out a chuckle. “Maybe so, but it will not be today, go back to your mistress and tell her how you failed. Drystan watched as the creature tore back through the bush disappearing. He looked at the rock where the young girl was hiding and wondered why Skylai wanted her. Drystan turned and knelt down beside the girl feeling for a pulse. It was weak but it was there. "Why were you out here alone in the first place child?" He picked her up as gently as possible and let his wings rip from his back. He took off into the cold winter night heading for home. When he got there Myleene one of his servants was there to greet him. Myleene's eyes widened at the sight of the girl in his arms and started barking orders to the other servants. She ran upstairs and pulled the blankets down on the bed. She lifted a hand and the fire in the fireplace was roaring immediately. "Master hurry bring her here. Get her into bed and step out of the room now." She watched his eyes narrow at her and she glared back. She watched him nod leaving the room. shaking her head at the injuries, she almost couldn’t tell where one started and another began. She spent hours patching her up and sighed when she was through. No matter what unless she was turned the girl was going to die. Drystan waited for what seemed like hours before Myleene came out. He had watched the servants coming in and out but they could tell him nothing. "Myleene how is she?" he asked. His eyes were full of concern. The girl reminded him of his daughter that was now dead. He wanted to know how her parent had let her wander off. "Tis not good sire...she is fading fast. The only thing that will save her is. Well is if you turn her. There is to much damage and she is in a deep unconscious state. If you did it she would not feel it at this time." Myleene looked into his eyes and knew he did not want to do it...but she saw the concern and smiled. She walked past him with all the rags and sheets to have them washed the next day. Drystan entered the room and tears stung his eyes when he saw her. She had raven hair, and her skin that was pale already looked sickly now. It was almost as white as the snow outside. He could smell the blood in the air and hear the death rattles in her breathing. She had a day or two left but no more than that. She looked so much like his Glenys that it was frightful. He would have sworn it was her but she was dead and she would be a grown woman now. He went to bedside and sat pondering what to do and sighed finally. "Forgive me child but I cannot let you die." His eyes took on his beast and his canines ripped from the roof of his mouth. He took her good arm and closed his eyes and bit down. While this was going on his claws had came forth and he dug them into her shoulder as she lay there unaware of what was going on. "Gods forgive me." he asked when he was through. It had been just over a week when Carys awoke with her fever. Her body hurt but she could move. She struggled and groaned trying to sit up and remember what had happened. She watched a woman walk in and she jumped and shrank back in fear. "It is alright child I will not harm you I swear. I am the one who has been helping you. My name is Myleene...what is yours?" She looked at the girl giving her a friendly smile and let soothing energy loose in the room. She saw the girl relax a little and smile. She went and sat on the edge of the bed placing a cool rag on the back of her neck. "I am Carys...I think. At least from what I remember...what happened to me?" she asked with suspicious eyes. "Do you not remember little one?" Carys frowned at Myleene's question and felt something stir in her with the frustration she felt. As she thought about it Myleene got up and went opening the curtains and let in some sun opening the windows. "I think you need some fresh air, that may help clear your head a little." she said smiling. Carys wasn't paying attention as her memories flowed back in small flashes. Chaotic visions filled her eyes. Her city was being burned and people were running and screaming. She watched as a creature, a monster ripped her father's throat out. She heard her mother's scream and ran towards her only to watch her body be torn apart by lions. She remembered screaming in horror as she was grabbed, would her parents fate be hers also. One of the villagers jumped the creature and yelled for her to run. For once she did not argue and took off towards the gates of the city. By the time she was out she could hear the screams echoing through the night. She was hit from the side by a wolf as she reached the tree line of the forest nearby. She fought back as it bit and clawed her body ripping her up. She screamed and cried with pain but it didn't help. A lion came from nowhere knocking the wolf back and turned it's eyes to her. As it stalked towards her the wolf charged and the fight between the beast ensued. She got up and limped her way into the forest leaving a trail of blood before more came after her. She felt shaking and heard her own screams. She woke as if from a daze and saw gentle brown eyes looking at her. It was the man from the forest. She cried and crawled into his lap burying her head in his chest wanting to forget. Why she trusted this man she did not know. Was it because he had saved her, or because he was the only person left that she recognized. Drystan was surprised by the look in the girls eyes. They were full of pain and horror that no child should ever have to see. He had seen grown men with that look. He wondered what she had been seeing and remembering. It had to have been horrible, the look in her eyes was haunting and would stick with him for the rest of his life. When the child climbed in his lap he stiffened remembering how Glenys used to do it after having a bad dream. He wrapped his arms around her and held her cooing in her ear whispering soothing words. He lifted her head up and smiled softly wiping her tears away. “Hello little one I am Drystan Emyrs the owner of this estate. And who might you be if I may ask?” He already knew for Myleene had told him the girls name while he had tried to wake her. He wanted to get her talking and her mind off of whatever she had seen in her mind. She didn’t know why but she felt like this man was one she could trust and confide in. She had no one else after all. Carys stared into his soft eyes and smiling face. “I am Carys. What are you? I know you saved me back in the forest…thank you very much.” In that instant she felt suddenly shy and emotional. She felt something stir within her and it made her gasp. It felt wild and untamed…almost animalistic. She looked up to Drystan as if to question him but stayed silent. Drystan felt her beast stir and was surprised by it. It was at least two weeks until the transformation should take place. She shouldn’t be feeling it yet. Maybe because of her emotional status…he wasn’t sure. He knew he had to tell her but how do you tell a child that her life would be changed forever….and the only way she would die is if she was killed. “I am…complicated Carys. I have the blood of man, beast, and demon running through these veins. And have had it for about a thousand years now. When I found you in the woods my dear you were almost ripped apart. I fought the beast back that were attacking you. When I brought you here Myleene” he motioning to the woman near the window. “ took care of you. She cleaned you up and fixed you the best she could but…” His voice trailed off and he took a deep breath and continued. “You were dying and there was nothing to be done. I had to make a very hard decision.” “I told you I have the blood of a beast within me. It is the beast of a valdyr….wolf. I marked you and made you what I am to save your life. Now you do not have the demon but you do have the beast. That is what you are feeling within you. It is the movement of your beast and I have to say she is rather strong. She stirs already and that doesn’t usually happen until a few days before the full moon.” His words were said matter of factly, as if it were an everyday anomaly. What did he mean a beast, and a wolf at that. That was impossible right. Nope this wasn’t real. She would wake up and be free of this nightmare, she had too. She heard him repeat some of it and shook her head, looking at him her eyes widened. She sat back against her pillows and hugged herself trying to decide if this was all a dream or if it was real. Her eyes raised and she looked at him trying to remain calm. Something told her that this was an important detail in being…a freak. “So you mean to tell me that…I am a monster now. That you made me one.” She saw the truth in his eyes and felt anger growing within her. “What right did you have to do that. Who do you think you are making a decision with my life like that. I would rather be dead than a monster.” Her words were spat out vehemently as she struggled from the bed. “I am out of here.” She kept the sheet around her and when she stood the world tilted suddenly. She saw burst of color and pain as her anger woke her beast. She cried out collapsing as she felt muscles ripping and tearing in her body. Her skin grew hot as if it would burn if it were touched. She didn’t want this and fought struggling to make it stop. Drystan stood when she did and felt her beast come roaring to life. He saw her fall and when to her side touching her. He could feel the change coming on and ordered Myleene out of the room. He tried to give her some of his control but she was fighting it to much. He watched her bones lengthen and rearrange themselves. When her fur flowed it was a dark gray almost black and her eyes were amber with flecks of green and yellow. When the change was done she growled trying to stand. She was shaky as she got her feet beneath her and pushed up shakily. She heard Drystan and turned snapping and growling at him. She was pissed. She did not want to be this. Her growl was enough to raise the hackles on any animals neck as she stalked towards her maker. Drystan watched her and showed her no fear as she came near him. If she wanted a bit of his flesh and blood for doing this to her then he would let her. Maybe she would be able to deal after the fact of. He understood her anger all to well but he thought she may be confused on what she was. She was not a monster unless she chose to be. He reached out to the Skjoter of his pack for help. “Kendell…I think I may need some help here. Myleene is on her way and she will fill you in on what’s going….ugh.” Kendell was having dinner with Ronfar when she felt her Annarr, Drystan contacting her. She listened to his words and before she could answer she was cut off. She looked at her Joffur and sighed. “Ronfar love something is going on with Drystan we need to go now.” She walked outside to grab a horse and Myleene pulled up in the carriage. Ronfar gave Kendell a questioning look but followed his mate and climbed up after her. “Myleene what is going on?” Kendell asked as they took off. “Myleene took a deep breath and let it out and recounted the events of the past week. “ “I am worried my friends. She is powerful already. I haven’t told Drystan yet but…The girl is a … well she has the blood of a demon. I can feel it in her, now I don’t know if she knows it but I believe that’s why her beast has awoken this early. Until both can coincide with one another then it will be a constant struggle within her. I saw her memory of what happened to her city. It was Skylai and Matika….and they went there for her. Skylai is a powerful vampire and I figure she went there to kill Carys. I am pretty sure of it.” Ronfar groaned at everything that was told to them and took a deep breath. He took Kendell’s hand and gave it a squeeze and looked at Myleene. “Get us there quick then. Who knows how out of control her beast will become.” Kendell stayed silent and felt the girl needed their protection and that of their grypr. She would actually need to become a member. When they finally pulled into Drystan’s home the sounds of fighting could be heard. The house shook and suddenly two wolves came flying through the upstairs window. Kendell saw the young female tearing into Drystan and gasped at the power she was radiating. She shouldn’t be that powerful, it took most beast two or three years to even come into half of their power. Carys lunged at Drystan and they went flying through the window hitting the ground with a sickening thud. She stood shaking herself aching from the fall. She jumped on him digging claws and teeth into his flesh ripping him open again. She felt pain in her front right leg and pain in her side. Drystan had had enough and he let his jaws close around her leg crushing it as she dug claws into her side. He ripped her open and threw her back and charged her again. He slammed into her breaking trees as they hit them. Ronfar shifted to his hybrid form and ran up grabbing Drystan around the waist. He yanked him back and wrestled him to the ground holding him there. His power as Jofurr poured into Drystan trying to calm the wolf as Kendell and Myleene went to check on Carys. Myleene and Kendell went to Carys and found her still struggling to get up and fight. She snapped at them like a rabid animal her eyes burning with anger and fear. Fear of what was happening to her, and anger at the man who had done it. Kendell used her own beast and reached inside of Carys and shoved her power into her and forced her into slumber With it the beast would fall back also bring the girl back to her human form. She watched the girl raise her saddened eyes before she fell into slumber and sighed. “Sleep child…you need it.” Drystan calmed down and shifted back to human form shaking a bit. “Gods what have I done?” He looked at his king and shook his head. “I made her something she did not want to be…and now I cannot take it back.” Ronfar shook his head and smiled. “Drystan do not worry she will be fine. We will help her I swear it. But you should have come to us and told us what was going on. We could have helped you and made her coherent enough so it could be explained to her before it was done.” Drystan nodded and sighed knowing his king was right. He cursed his self silently for being that stupid. He looked over at Kendell, Myleene and Carys and got up. He shifted and took off into the woods needing to get away from them all. Chapter 2 Darkness so black that nothing could be seen surrounded her. Carys felt like she was wrapped in a warm blanket, thick enough that no sliver of cold could find her. Her body ached and she vaguely remembered what had happened. The man who had saved her in the woods, he had made her a monster. Something that would kill and murder. She opened her eyes and found herself in a darkened room. The bed was comfortable and the fire gave an eerie glow to everything around her.. The shadows danced in the firelight giving the illusion that they were alive. With her vision clearing she managed to sit up. How bad was she hurt? She didn’t feel like she was hurt? Not really, just sore and achy. She heard footsteps falling lightly in the hall and her eyes darted to the door. A girl no older than her entered the room with clothes and a basin of water and rags. The girl stopped and her wide eyes looked at Carys. They held a bit of fear but also conviction. “I am sorry miss, I didn’t know you were awake yet. I brought you some clothes and some things so you could clean up.” The girl seemed to be waiting, as if asking permission before coming closer. Carys glared at the girl for a moment before her eyes softened. Nodding her head she watched as the girl came forward. “What is your name?” The girl reached the nightstand and she lifted her striking blue eyes to watch Carys for a moment. “I am Cassie, I am Myleenes daughter, and Kendell’s niece.” Cassie gave a small smile and placed her hand on the basin. The water within began to steam a bit, her hand glowed ever so slightly and she pulled her hand away. “It is very fortunate that Mr. Emrys found you miss. If not you would have been killed, or worse, become a prisoner of that vampire Skylai. That is a fate worse than death I would think.” Cassie busied herself with starting to help Carys get cleaned up. Carys didn’t know what to say at first. “Who is Skylai, and why would I be grateful to a man who made me a monster. He mad me a killer you foolish, foolish girl. But I should be grateful, hardly.” Her words were filled with anger as she jerked the ragged from Cassie’s hand. “And I am not helpless I can clean myself thank you. Now where am I?” Cassie shrank back away from Carys and her eyes finally filled with a sort of defiance. “First off you are in Kendell and Ronfar’s home. Second you should be grateful yes, if that vampire and her pet demon had gotten you.” She paused and shook her head. “Being this beast you are now, you do not have to be a monster or a killer, if they had gotten you miss…. You would be doing their bidding like a puppet. You would be fully aware of what you would be doing but you would have no control over your actions.” Carys blinked and opened her mouth, she closed it unable to say anything about that. “Well… why didn’t he let me die? Why not give me that choice, let me decide if I wanted this or not?” “Because you were on deaths door child, you couldn’t be given the choice.” A voice came from the doorway and a woman about five foot five with flaming red hair stood at the door. “If he had not turned you then you would have died for certain, he did it because he cared.” Kendell stepped into the room and her every being radiated power and authority. She was a leader, that much Carys could see. Her beast stirred slightly and she felt herself tremble at the feel of power coming from her. “Well then what am I exactly? Cassie says I am no monster, yet all I can think about with her in the room is food and blood. An unquenchable hunger.” Cassies eyes widened and she bowed her head to Kendell and then to Carys. “I will take my leave now so that you wont want to eat me.” Her voice held amusement and she smiled at the women before she left. Her long blonde hair flowed behind her as she turned her head before walking out. “Drystan will be back soon, he will wish to see you Miss Carys, should I send him in?” Carys just nodded unable to speak. Cassie smiled and walked out leaving them alone. Once Cassie was gone Kendell turned her vivid green eyes to the young pup and smiled. “You think that way because you can not control the hunger yet. And you have not ate in two days. That is the main reason child.” Kendell sat down on the foot of the bed and stared at Carys for a moment in silence. “I know you did not choose this life Carys, but it seems to have chose you. The way I see it you can except it, or not. The choice is yours. But please speak to Drystan before you make that decision. Allow him to explain why he did what he did.” Carys scowled at the woman but she seemed unphased by it. “Fine I will talk to him, but Cassie said I can learn to control it, that I don’t have to be a murderer, I want to learn that, so in a sense I guess I have already excepted my fate.” She crossed her arms grudgingly watching a smile tug at Kendell’s mouth. “Alright since you have chosen, when you are fully healed we will began your training then. But for now I must leave, get some rest, you will need it.” The bed shifted when she got up and Kendell made her way to the door. She didn’t say another word, just opened the door and closed it behind her. She looked at Ronfar who had been standing outside the door in case his mate needed him. “Well love I say she is going to be one little hellcat to deal with.” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “That she will, but she is already excepting what is to be, that’s a good start.” Kendell laced her fingers with her husbands and smiled softly. He bent down to kiss her lips but stopping to nibble at them first. “Yes that is a good start indeed, but only time will tell for certain if she is the one who was foretold to come.”
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