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This is my first blog on Fubar (Of Course...) and also Fubar is my first foray into social interraction on the internet. First of all, it is almost like real world interraction. People bring their viewpoints along with them. From what I have seen with the ladies that I rated and fanned and pretty much interracted with have had a lot of "guys" that, if they acted as they did with the ladies in Realworld, would be incarcerated or taken to task for their attitudes. First of all, I try to give people, men and women, respect and honesty. This approach seems to surprise people. I have heard things like... "Why are you so nice?" "How can you be so nice?" "I've never talked to someone whose so honest." I just act as how I wish to be treated, honesty and respect are very important to me. My great-grandmother always said "Treat people as you wish to be treated." I try to live by that, no matter the cost. I just try to make the world a little brighter, a little happier than before. I know this is the internet, not a Realworld night club or bar. People are on here with distances measured in hundreds of miles (if not thousands). I just can't see the possibility of Realworld interraction happening. I do like the photos and appreciate beauty where ever I can find it. Interracting by chatting, gifting, or blogging is the most I expect. NSFW stuff is alright but not the reason I am here. I like that diversity that I have been encountering and wouldn't mind interracting in depth with everyone I have fanned and friended so far. I am a member of the Voodoo Lounge, I entered into it and they made me feel welcome even though I was just passing through. That type of interraction is awesome. If anyone who reads this has anything they wish to ask or add, just feel free to, I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Thanks!!!
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