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Dee75's blog: "My Friends !"

created on 02/18/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-friends/b189780

My Auction!

I will be in a auction on my own profile.. I will tell what I am willing to do and it will be a 2 week thing .... whoever has the highest bidder will get what I offered but the fubuck will go to someone I choose ... I will NOT do what I offer until the person I give the fubucks to msg me and tell me that they received it .... What I offer: Rate 1000 11's pictures in 2 weeks Rate 1000 10's pictures in 2 weeks Add your name into my name add you to my family for 2 weeks make you a salute (clean salute) Pimp you out for 2 weeks. Now Remember if you win I wont do everything above UNTIL the person that I choose gets the fubucks :)
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