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created on 05/14/2009  |

Things happen for a reason in life. Bad things happen. You may feel like your life is crashing down around you and your drowning in the cataclismic events that life has thrown at you.

Don't give up hope. There are Angels out there and they will find you when you least expect it but when you most need them..whether you know it or not.

I know how it feels to be drowning in life. When I thought things couldn't get a worse..they did. I thought my life was help.

That's when my Angel walked in...he was dressed in blue and wearing a badge. He gave me the worst news you could possibly imagine Sunday..then told me Happy Mother's Day as I sat crying on my front porch...going out of my mind.

He told me he didn't say it to be mean but Iwas going to recieve the greatest gift a mother could ever get in her life....a second chance with her children. A chance to make things right again and be a family.

In the short time this Angel has been in my life he has shown me there is bright shining light on the other side ofthe darkness but you have to be willing to do anything it takes to reach that light.

This Angel has turned all my tears of sadness into tears of joy...hope..happiness and enlightenment. He gave me back a reason to hope..a reason to believe and trust that there is a higher power out there. Believe in Him and he shall shower you with Light.

My Angel will forever be in my heart and Prayers. I hope that you will find your Angel in your time of need like I have.

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