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I was able to find Andrew Lloyd Webber's classical Rock Opera
Jesus Christ Superstar (1973 Version)
Too bad it is in small sections and not 1 complete movie.
This might not get the same name recognition as Phantom of the Opera, but it is still an Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic

Here is the Movie Trailer.

Oh BTW: The rest is in my stash, sorry I didn't find them in order. Enjoy, David WolfEagle1499™

@ CherryTAP

some Hugh Jackman words about the great movie:
X-MEN and the next movie: Wolverine

I'm still trying to find an Official Movie Trailer for the Wolverine Movie

this sneak peek of the new harry potter movie the order of the phoenix

For those of you who can't see the trailer on MTV,
this is the Blood and Chocolate movie trailer.

As a side note for those of you who are wondering,
the song in the background is NOT by
Evanescence, it is by Within Temptation, called
'Stand My Ground.'

I went today & saw this movie today. IT was GREAT & A MUST SEE. I love the narration at the Begining & ending of the movie. Plus the Real Pictures during the Credits.

I saw this movie the other day. It was another GREAT Movie. I think it was very realist in the training. I also thing it honors the Coast Guard very well. Again, I loved the old & Real Pictures during the Credits.

I found 2 movie Trailers for the movie 300. Too bad it doesn't come out until the end of March. I can't wait to see it. Anyone else want to see it with me?

The Trailer to the Spiderman 3 Movie, coming out in 07.
Spiderman 3 Trailer - video powered by Metacafe Enjoy, David

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