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TheManFrom10aCJun 22, 2011-- 9 of 9Great song. IT makes me smile to see you all goof'n around. You two are so luck to have each other. Thanks for posting this video.
Hey UMay 24, 2011-- 8 of 9Lord its time to go visit my brother in Georgia, been way too long since I heard that accent
ModernSwingerMay 13, 2011-- 6 of 9you know youre deep in thought when smoke starts coming out of your ears
amishboy69May 13, 2011-- 5 of 9that,s cool,
bobbyMay 11, 2011-- 4 of 9hahaha this is awesome, girl you rocks
PJMay 10, 2011-- 3 of 9I LIKE THE CHICKEN VID
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