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...... to get to Godfather for my Birthday? Help me out, please? funny pictures of cats with captions
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Hi kids! Yet again my employer has banished me from Fubarland! If anyone knows an alias URL to get in, feel free to share! Just stopping in for a quick hello. make sure you all go give Today's Spotlight lots of love! She's my favorite lil sis, you know! Anyway, I'm here for a few, what's everyone up to?
Random observation: I've noticed that whenever Persia has me on the phone when she goes to buy cigarettes, she adopts this "little girl" voice when she is talking to the person behd the counter. Like she doesn't look young enough, why does she make herself sound likes she's 10? And yet, they still don't card her ... what's up with that?
I decided to go out for lunch today, I usually brown-bag it. Went to Au Bon Pain, I haven't been there for a while and apparently they have these Rice Bowls now. I got the Cajun Shrimp. Is it ever yummy!

Its Friday night! Leave me a Drunken Snapvine Msg!

Hi to all the people I have received friend requests from the last couple of days. I apologize for not getting to your profiles to leave love. Stop by my page and leave some comments or rates and I'll return the same. Hope to hear from ya'all soon! i-can-has-best-fwend.jpg
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I got this in a private message first thing this morning. And the funny part is, when I checked my recent viewers and my picture views, I see no evidence of him ever having been to my profile. Its too early for this bull$h!t. Hello there sweety..i sure fell inlove with the looks number one and now it hunts me so bad that i hard to send you a message are you doing today and how is the family ,hope you all are fine,i am paul by name and a very large fan of your pics ...i own a very huge farm here in west africa were i stay on it with my son David who is just 13 years of age ...i lost his mum while i was in the states in virginia alexandria and ever seens then i have been single and pateince abt meeting ladies until i was introduced to this site and started trying to find new friends who are honest and needing a real good relationship which i am al after a very romantic man and loving..we talk abt care ,i have it all in my life ...i look forward to chatting with you if you really would like to know more about me also ,because i sure will love to know abt you dear ,i do get to chat on yahoo mostly addy there is tenderlove009 . i should be expecting to see an add from you or a mail sending me ur own chat addy so we could chat really much dear ..i sure cannot wait to start chatting with a sweety like you ..cheers and hugs from Paul ......... donschoolface

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I noticed there are about a half dozen or so Lady Bugs inhabiting my Tansy garden. Some of them are even playing Leap Frog. That's so sweet! :p
I stopped at Wendy's for lunch and I decided to give my dogs the last bite of the burger. Ginger and Pete each took their pieces from my hand. When I gave Kindra hers, she tried to lick it and it flipped off my fingers and landed on the floor. Then she couldn't find it, so I had to find it for her and shove it in her mouth. Why can't she eat like a normal dog? Why can't she do anything like a normal dog? She doesn't even bark normal. She sounds like a Wookie. No, literally like a Wookie. Ask Persia, she's heard it.
Hi folks, what's up? Whatcha doin'? What's going on? What's the scoop? What's the skinny? Tell me Tell me Tell me!!! Yeah a little bored right now, can ya tell?
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