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Kloey's blog: "Operation: Hooah!"

created on 11/30/2006  |  http://fubar.com/operation-hooah/b29952
I jammed today to the point of muscle fatigue and I'm feelin' quite sassy! I can truly say that TJ is Hooah! It has helped me to tone my bottom and thighs in the short time that I've been doing it! It's truly amazing! ------------------------------------ So, life has been a wee bit hectic lately, but honestly, when isn't it? Sometimes, I feel like life will get the best of me, but then I start thinking about the best of me. There's a great deal of good in the worst of you and I, you know. I guess that sounds quite immodest, but you know, it isn't often that I remember to give myself the kindness that I dole out to others. Really, when I think about it, I should be just as kind and encouraging to myself as I am to others. If I treat myself poorly, who's to say that one day, my poor treatment will not spill over into another aspect of my life? What if I become so comfortable with being down on myself that I decide it's okay to knock someone else down, so to speak? It's not something I'm willing to entertain and so, I've decided to treat myself to the kindness normally reserved for Jack and Jill. My Hooah thought of the day: Not only did I wake up this morning and jam, I did so with an intensity that would rival that of any hardcore drill sergeant! -------------------------- "What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists...and it becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know EXACTLY what you want...and are fully determined not to quit until you get it." -Henry Ward Beecher ----------------------- Something happened Monday night and since then, I have felt particularly disgusted with myself. One of our family friends came over for dinner and a movie. After dinner, I decided to pop in Turbo Jam. After I showered and dressed, Robert (the family friend) started rubbing my back. I didn't think anything of it, as I've always viewed Robert in a friendly light. He started grabbing me and even managed to get his hand in the back of my panties, which made me incredibly mad. I knocked the stuff out of him and then he had the audacity to try to kiss me. He slobbered all over my cheek. I cannot decide if I feel angry, disgusted, or disappointed. The hooah of the story? I kicked him out of my home.
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