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Happily In Love's blog: "more poems"

created on 04/22/2008  |  http://fubar.com/more-poems/b209241


Done trying to care Sick of being hurt Every time I try I get burned Not dealing with it This is the end Been hurt for the last time Its goin to be hard For me trust another Im done being hurt Sick of being used


Giving you time to decide Which one of us you really want Knowing she wants you Wishes you guys were still together I feel like its my fault you arent If I wasnt in the picture She would still be the one There was a closeness like no other Between you and her Something I believe still exists Dont want to come between that Nows your chance to turn away Chose the on you truely want
She was a mystery to me Never once did you mention her Until feelings had already formed By then you guys were aleady fighting You hid her from me Never once tellin me you had a girl Hurting us both in the end I dont know how to trust You wont do the same to me Seeing you have done it once Now I know about her And exactly what you did I am not sure I can trust you If she was a mystry to me Theres no saying I wont be a mystery To soe innocent girl
I thought we were meant to be Things with you would last forever But now Im not so certain Dont really know where I stand Not sure I want to know You have said you till care Feelings for her are there Twice now you have hurt me Saying it has nothing to do with her But Im nos so sure Im not sure of us anymore


Im lost in thoughts Not sure what to do You broke my heart Then wanted me back Dont know why You say you love me But Im not sure you do I know you still have feelings For both her and I Yet wonder who for more Dont know if I want to risk it Take the chance of being hurt again Or if we should just stay friends
so each day we become closer letting the other in a lil farther trusting a lil more becoming more and more dear we have agreed we want to take it slow dont want to move to fast dont want to risk ruining things one step at a time thats what we are tryin to do but im not sure if its going to work seems our hearts are talking and our minds dont want them to hopefully it works one step at a time
Friends may come Friends may go But you will always know where the true ones are Becaus when life gets hard They are the ones by your side Letting you know its ok And when all is said and done They are still there If they arent They were never your friend So dont let it bother you When someone walks away All it shows is they werent true They were never there for you
You are my all Everything that makes me smile Keeping me happy We may fight Yet we always pull through Hopefully it works this time Its not looking good But I dont want to give up Dont want to think we're not strong enough You've changed me Made me better Everyone can see That something is different with me That something is you babi You are my all
Ive had many offers Turned them all down Because Im with you Dont want to lose you Some I would have taken If it werent for you But continue to say no Not wanting to hurt you Wanting to prove my love Prove Im not giving up Im not letting you go Not without a fight I love you My daughter has attached herself to you You promised to be around So you need to trust me If I wnted another I could have But I tuned them down
You stole my heart Promised not to break it Swearing you'd always be there But now I have to wonder Are you breaking that promise Or will you really be there Can we overcome it all I want to be with you Want what I know we could have No longer sure we really can Dont know what to think Not sure what to do All I know is I love you
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